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    Default CTI - Catamaran Cruise & Beach Party

    Can anyone tell me the times or how long a few of the activities are?

    Is the cruise only on certain evenings? What time would it be?

    Same for Dunn's River Falls.... and isn't there nights where there are parties on the island?

    We are not trying to pin ourselves down to plans, but those are a few of the things we definately want to do. We will be renewing our vows one day so we have to go around that.


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    The cat cruise leaves around 3pm and gets back around 6pm. It's usually offered on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

    The Beach Party is on Monday nights. There is usually a cocktail reception at 6:30. The buffet dinner on the beach starts at 7:00pm. Crab racing usually starts at 8:15 and the beach party entertainment at 9:15. Then that night they also have the Margaritaville shuttle that leaves around 10:30pm.

    Dunn's River is offered every day except Friday. It departs the lobby at 9am and you're back around noon.

    No, there are not parties on the Island at all. It closes at 5pm. However, they are now offering private wedding ceremonies on the island after hours.

    Hope this helps!
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    Yes, thanks so much for the info.

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