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    Default css questions-thanks

    We are going in May to CSS. Third time but I have some questions. What is may weather like--we usually go in December. Is the water warm?
    I will either book the Beachfront suite (bldg a or b) or the penthouse. I know the layout and we spend all our time at Sunset Beach. I know the penthouse is further from there but I can't think of how it is in relation to everything else--piano bar, lobby, computers, mineral pool. I loved the Beachfront last time we were there but had issues with water pressure and I would love the view from the penthouse, I think. I have semi bad knees though and am worried about the steps.
    Also, the trip to the falls-bad idea with 50 yr old knees?
    Thanks for any info. I wish I was there now. It is -10 in Iowa and I am really hating winter.
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    Can's answer the question about May vs. December because we always go in December but I can help you with the rooms on the cliff.

    We spent all our time on SSB - packed a bag in the morning and walked down. We stayed all day so room location was not a big issue. We walked back all but 1 day - the steps are not as huge an issue as everyone states - unless you go to your room often. It is a whole lot easier walking down than up but again... not a big issue and I do have a bad knee and hip. We only went back to our room after the beach and then back after dinner. The rooms on the cliff are all closer to the lobby, computers, balloon bar and evening entertainment. We stayed in building E which was fantastic! There was never an issue with water temp or pressure.

    We skipped the falls due to a shoulder injury my husband has and my bad knee/hip.
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    The difference we have noticed between May & December is that May is a bit more humid and warmer at night. There was one year we were at CN during May and there was not a breeze. We were talking with some friends after dinner and I suddenly announced that I had to go swimming and cool off. Went to the room, changed clothes, and jumped in the pool. Cooled me right off. This was the only time that we have been to Jamaica (6x) and I've been hot at night. Other than that, there really wasn't a difference, but May is the beginning of the rainy season.
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    If you're concerned about location and want a penthouse, I would highly recommend requesting Block D. The location is perfect, being just about 20 steps (plus the steps to your room, of course) from the beach level. It's the block that sort of juts in the middle. The penthouses at the end have views to die for. I believe they are the Angela Bassett and James Bond suites, but please just ask and don't take my word for it. Some people have complained that they have "temporary" dividers between the suites on that level, and it does seem to me that they should rectify this, but I really don't think that would be a huge issue. I'll put it this way: My husband and I recently started a business, so money is tight, but if/when things get a little more flexible, those would be the rooms I would request in a heartbeat.

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    I've stayed in both a Beachfront Suite(A) and a Penthouse(D). The Beachfront was of course more convenient to the beach and pool area but our Penthouse room in building D was centrally located and I felt it was the best spot on the resort. Not that far from anything. And the view and privacy was amazing!
    I can't really help on the difference in climate between December and May in Ocho Rios. I can say that I"ve been to Jamaica in December and June and June was MUCH more humid. I didn't mind it but I did need to use the air conditioning, which I dont normally turn on in December.

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