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    Default MP3 docking station in rooms

    My husband and I are to arrive at Couples Negril January 17...can't wait! Question....can anyone confirm if the MP3 docking stations in the rooms work for the Sony Walkman MP3 player? If so, does the docking station charge and play songs from your MP3 player? (Sorry, just got MP3 player for Christmas)

    I assume our MP3 will work in the docking station, but you know what they say about "assume"... Thanks.

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    I'm not sure your MP3 player will work as the connectors can be so different. Here is a recent thread that might help (with a picture). Enjoy your trip -- you will love CN!

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    Does you Sony have an iPod compatible docking plug? I know nothing about most music players. My wife has an iPod nano, I have an old Creative player, which does NOT have an iPod plug. Both will play on the room docking stations. But the Creative will NOT charge.

    You may need to get a male-to-male connector, which would plug into the earphone jack of your player and then to the AUX-IN on the back of the docking station. Bring your own charger just to be on the safe side, unless you KNOW the docking plug on the SONY is the same as the iPod.

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    Brenda and Ken,
    We, too, have a Sony player and used it last July. Your Sony will not fit the iPod plug. You will need, as suggested earlier, a cord that has a male/male plug. The plugs look like a plug used for headphones. If you have that, your Sony will play just fine. You will need to bring a charger though. Have an irie time!


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    Default Mp3

    thanks so much for your helpful hints.

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    I was wondering if anyone would know if an ipod shuffle fits in the player? The connection is different than the other ipods. Thanks, Kris

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