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    Default Couples Negril a/n section

    Back from CSS and really enjoyed SSB. I want to go to Couples Negril next year. I’ve been to a resort on Bloody Bay before and know we will enjoy the beach and water. We have no problem crossing in front of others to get to the a/n water section. I know I won’t miss the pool, but why in the world doesnt CN have a Grill with small lunch buffet or at least some already cooked food there instead of just a bar ? They could even have just a table with a few things that wouldn’t take up much room.
    Are there any plans for at least some food at the A/N side next year???

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    A question that has been ask MANY times. Maybe Admins can forward this and plant the idea.

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    We always go in January, and at the most, I think I've seen maybe 40 people on the AN side. The bar does provide some kind of bread(banana, nut, date) and some kind of Jamaican meat patty. Heliconia and Cassava or just a short walk, it probably makes more sense to get dressed and walk there for lunch. Just my opinion....

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    I would love it if they moved the AN section to the other side of the resort where the dive pool is - then put in a grill, bar and everything else... I think that area is bigger and less crowded but some food would be a good start too.

    Back in 1999 it was on the other side and it was just a few chairs and some bushes

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    Yep, sure would help to get my hubby to book CN if they had a grill like CSS. Once sand gravity takes hold it’s hard to move - glad to hear the restaurant at CN isn’t too far though. Thanks for posts.

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    We have had lunch at CN's A/N Beach many times. We also love (and prefer) the lunch options at SSB at CSS... but it is also a lot farther to walk to lunch from SSB when there if they don't provide food at SSB. At CN we eat Patties that are usually available at the A/N bar and skewers of fruit that are also usually available there. Certainly not much selection but that is often what we would eat even if we left the A/N beach for lunch. Thankfully, unlike CSS/SSB, the walk to a full lunch is very quick and short at CN. When we don't want patties I will go get lunch and bring it back to the A/N beach. I'm not saying I would shun a provided full lunch at CN's A/N area... but that we can and do have lunch there and do it without leaving or getting dressed if we want patties and fruit.

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    Like it the way it is. Only a short walk to get food . Heliconia will give you a tray to bring your food back to the beach. The bar does provide some kind of bread(banana, nut, date) and some kind of Jamaican chicken, veggie or beef patty. We usually go in May about 30 people at most then... Last year we did a trip in November, there was about 100 people on the a/n section. The staff had to bring over 30 lounge chairs, but still plenty of room for everyone.

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    Good to know about the fruit and patties and that other restaurant isn’t too far. Thanks to all for the info.

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    Default Papalas

    Does the Couples Negril a/n beach section have some of those nice big grass papalas like those at CSS on SSB?

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    I posted asking about papalas on CN a/n beach. Think I said made of grass however I mean to say palm fronds. We loved the ones at CSS and were able to be in the shade under the same front row one at SSB each day. I hope CN has some.

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    There are no papalas anywhere at CN. There is a lot of natural shade from tree though.


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    Thanks for reply, we’ll make sure we get there early for natural shade spot.

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    Bringing this thread back to top since still trying to squeeze in visit to CN. Is the information the same regarding the a/n beach at CN having jacuzzi and bar and they at times have banana bread, meat patties and fruit available? Still will probably walk over to restaurant if I can drag hubby away from lounge chair LOL. Hope to hear from those that have visited a/n section this year at Couples Negril. Thanks !

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    foreverbarefootSXM: Yup all is available at times as well is popcorn. All great at the AN. One love, Irie!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by louieandsusie View Post
    foreverbarefootSXM: Yup all is available at times as well is popcorn. All great at the AN. One love, Irie!!
    foreverbarefootSXM: we always go to CN in February and spend our days at the AN beach. mornings are usually awesome and by noon we are ready for some lunch and time out of the sun. very short walk and three options for lunch. then back to the AN beach for the afternoon. oh yea, we always find time to walk that beach. does it get any better.

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    Great - thanks

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    Sounds wonderful. Hope to visit CN soon. Looking forward to walking beach and floating. Yep, we will definitely take an out of sun break mid-day. We use lots of sunscreen a/n - that’s only reason we have a checked bag LOL. Thanks !

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    Thanks to everyone that gave info. Returned from a fantastic 6 nights at Couples Negril. The Au Naturel section was great ! We booked the building 9 first floor and were so close to that beach. Filled my water bottle at filtered water and ice station on sidewalk outside room on the way to the beach. Filled my bubba cup in room with ice from that station and I was set for the morning on the beach. Only needed a sarong to walk the 3 minutes to “our beach”. Beach, water, and hot tub was great. Water was fantastic and we floated our “cares away” �� The bar had beef patties and chicken patties. The bartender warned me that the chicken patties are more spicy than the beef patties. The banana bread and apple bread were GREAT!

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