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    Default Roll Tide Roll !!!

    Hello to all my Couples family out there! Are any of you big Alabama fans like us? We are SO excited about The National Championship game to be played this thursday. My husband and I both graduated from UA and we now live in Huntsville, Alabama. We would love to hear from those of you who are Couples fans and also Alabama fans.
    Jim and Mariann

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    Good luck to the Tide. We are originally from Ohio (Go Buckeyes!) but now that we live in Northwest Florida (aka, Lower Alabama) we have adopted Alabama. It is the ONLY sec team we will root for.

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    We aren't exactly Alabama fans, per say, but you had better believe that on National Championship day I'll be wearing my crimson and houndstooth!

    Please have your team beat the bejesus out of Texas!

    Boomer Sooner!

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    I also live in Huntsville/Madison, Alabama, but however have a dilema. I was born and raised a Texas fan, but have adopted Alabama since I moved here 9 years ago. So, I'm excited for both teams and no matter who wins I'll be a very happy man.

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    Default re role tide role

    Go bama!!!!!!

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    I think my username says it all...Hook'em Horns!!!

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    Hi ~ We are from Tuscaloosa, Alabama and we are headed out tomorrow to Vegas/California for the game !!! Can't wait for Thursday !!! ROOOLLLL TIDE ROLL !!!

    Joel and Renee

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    Hey cakes... O-H
    i am from Ohio but i will be rooting for the Crimson Tide.

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    Roll Tide!!!
    Roll Tide!

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    Around the bowl and down the hole. Roll tide roll.

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    Bevo - After I posted, I thought I should have invited the Texas fans to come in too. We have met many wonderful friends at Couples from Texas. We met one couple who wore their Texas straw hats the entire time they were at CN. We loved them. They were fun.
    I guess we can say it has been a great season for both of us!!

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    It has been so much fun to watch college football this year!! I think I watched nine hours of it on Saturday! I wish I could go back 25 years and be one of those cheerleaders they throw up in the air! We also met some great couples from Alabama, so we can't help but admire Bama fans!

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    We are from utah, but am flying through alabama to jamaica, so we have to say roll tide!

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    RTR! I'm a Bama Alum originally from Cullman but living in South Carolina now. We are VERY excited bout the game Thursday night!
    We just returned from Swept Away 1 month ago and are desperately trying to figure out when we can go back!!!

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    I-O back to Markis. Are you freezing up there in Ohio? It's cold here in the Florida Panhandle right now. Can't wait to get to Jamaica!

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    Cakes - we are in "Lower Alabama" too. Pensacola. ROLL TIDE, Kelly and Joe

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    Hook Em!!!! enough said!

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    Roll Tide!! They will be champs!

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    My wife and I are BAMA Fans and are heading to CN in March. I'm so happy to be a Bama Fan right now, ecspecially with a National Championship under our belt. It's been a long time. Have been a fan for a long time . Will definitely bring some Bama gear to sport on the beach while I'm there. Roll Tide Roll!!!

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