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    Default UK couple visiting April 24th - May 5th 2010

    Hi Everyone,
    just a quick thread for any UK visitors visiting CTI in April?

    We are visiting CTI from 24th April until 8th May and would welcome any correspondence from others visitors.

    We have noticed that our American friends are very good at using messaging boards prior to a holiday, so we thought that we would also give it a go and see if any UK guest find these boards also?

    We hope everyone has a great holiday, whatever their visiting dates are.

    Dave and Michelle

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    Hi Folks. Sorry...just us Americans at the moment. It is 18 degrees and partly cloudy so had to come to the message board to get my Jamaican fix. We will be at CTI from May 1st through the 10th. This will be our
    3rd visit to TI and 4th to Couples.
    Ok feeling better...there it is...warm sun and cold adult beverage. Hope to see you all there.

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    Hi Burt and Diana, great to hear from you and will not doubt see you in May. We have heard from two Uk couples when we first posted the same message on the main board, so we will not be the only Uk visitors.

    Also looking forward to meeting some of the Amigo's group during our stay at CTI, and cant wait,

    bye for now Dave and Michelle

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