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    Right,... I know it's early, but the website we use for trips back home (wink, wink), just release ticket prices for flights. Needless to say, we are going back! I am so excited. May 3rd to the 12th 2019! Nine nights in paradise.


    We'll spend nearly all the time on the resort at SSB. We've done all the off-resort excursions (been to Couples SS twice before), so we just want to relax. Anyone else coming along?


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    Book 10 thru 19th. This will be our fourth visit. First visit in May, we normally go End of Feb. Weather no matter as long as we are on SSB.

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    Second time to Jamaica/CSS! We will be there May 3rd - 9th! Celebrating our 20th Anniversary 2 months in advance!

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    Et & Donna and GypsyJ,

    Looks like our trips will overlap. Anyone know if they still do late night get-togethers on SSB? I had heard (on our past trips), that for $200 ($20/couple 10 couples), they would open up the bar for a few (four?) hours. Have never done that, but would be willing to chip in to enjoy the stars on SSB.


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    May 11 to 18, see you on SSB - Margaritas yum
    4th time there.

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    Now set for May 9 to May 20. 2nd CSS visit.

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    We'll be there May 14-25. This will be visit #6 at CSS. Can't wait to see all our friends down at SSB.

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    So far 5 mid-May returning couples. Anyone with a Facebook account who can fill us in on others who don't visit this board? Or we can just wait to say "Hi" at SSB!

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    ChicagoSanSouciFan we are open for evening at SSB count us in for 20.

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