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    I will be at CSA in June. I was wondering how the parasailing is from this resort. Can you bring video camera? Also was wondering how the snorkeling is? Is the reef just off shore from CSA? What kinda cost is associated with parasailing? Can 2 go up at same time. I can't wait till June!

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    Look up Elvis on the beach. He usually wears a white hat and walks the beach drumming up business for the parasailing guys. You can take your video camera, two go up at a time, and the cost a year ago was $90 per couple. Elvis will barter with you. Take a couple extra $’s to tip the driver of the boat. Parasailing is not part of Couples.

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    Beach Bum is correct. I would just like to add that to Parasail at CSA, you must transfer from one boat that you board near the beach, to the actual parasailing boat. This is a bit of a tricky transfer, as you are literally climbing from one boat to another (the young'uns might not think it's tricky, but it is if you have any mobility issues). And DEFINITELY bring cash to tip the boat staff. Elvis will track you down if you "forget" to tip them.

    As far as the snorkeling, there are several reefs that they will take you to by boat - at most, a 10 minute boat ride.

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