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    Default CTI in January AN?

    My significant other (aka Girldfriend) and I are booked for CTI Jan 17-23. I (male) have no problems with AN, and have done so in the colder waters of Martha's Vinyard off Cape Cod (our home). She, on the other hand, has never done so. I think she'll find it freeing and jut s slight bit riske' for her fist time.
    In addition, she is a certified scuba diver, with her own equipment, and will make as much use of the resort's diving as possible. I, on the other hand am physically unable to scuba (injury related). Is there anyone who could be her dive buddy (perhaps resort staff, or other guests) during our stay?
    Lastly, should I be making reservations for excursions and spa visits before we arrive, or is availability such that we can ait until re arrive in the evening?

    Many thanks to everyone!
    Jess & Christine

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    We'll be there at the same time, Jan 14-28. We don't dive so I'm not sure about the buddy thing but you might want to post this question on the meet up thread for Jan 2010 which, I have not seen you on as yet! Please post there and introduce yourselves to the gang, we have a great group going! As far as booking ahead, I wouldn't worry about it. Plenty of time once you arrive.
    Have a safe flight and we'll see you there!

    Marnie and Dave

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    The dive master will pair up any singles or buddy them himself. You can make your spa reservations when you get there. Have a great time.

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    I sorry to hear of your injury, Thats really too bad. The diving in Jamaica is pretty good. I dove some of the sites she'll probably see when we were at Sans Souci a few years ago. I'd do it, but for 2 things, dates and resort. We will be at CSA the end of February. My significant other (wife of nearly 25 years) is not a diver so I always need a dive buddy, so I'd gladly do it if had the chance. Good luck and enjoy yourselves!

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    You are unable to make reservations prior to arrival at this time. We did not have trouble making any reservations and many we made the day before or day of. The exception would be the diving. She will want to make that reservation as soon as she gets to the resort. The other reservation you want to make upon arrival is the Cat Cruise if this is something you want to do as it doesn't go out everyday and is very popular. I think you can go on the boat with your s/o for the diving. If not she will still be with the dive team. I met Mary when her hubby was diving. I also snorkeled while my hubby stayed at the resort. It's all good.

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    Don't worry about a dive buddy. My hubby goes without me all the time and there is always someone for him to dive with. CTI has the most awesome dive staff. She will have a wonderful time.

    You won't be able to make reservations until you get to the resort as they need your room number to make the reservation, but don't fret, you will be able to do all that you wish to do.

    You might want to head over to the Au Naturel Thread and post your other questions. MBers there will be happy to encourage your girlfriend to try the Island. It is a freeing experience. You can find the thread at the top of this page in the blue section along with the Meet Up at Couples thread and several others. You should check them out.
    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    No need to make reservations prior to arrival..It can all be taken care of when you get there.

    Diving--i don't, so I don't have a clue

    AN---CTI is a nice place for the "first timer"--once on the island head to your right -- it's more private there until she is comfortable with the whole thing. Socializing is done more to the left near the pool and bar. And remember, you must have your mate with you to go to the island, otherwise they will ask you to leave. See you in January, you're going to love it!!!

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