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    Default Here goes, need some help

    I need some help deciding between CTI and CSS for a vow renewal. Background info is: we are late 30's and early 40's. This vow renewal is not anywhere near our anniversary date. My husband knows nothing of this plan yet, I havent decided how or when I will "pop the question". If all goes as planned, this will be a late May or early June trip. We have been apart for quite a while (I am currently deployed in Afghanistan), so looking for lots of intimate time to reconnect. We usually go to Mexico, but want to try something different.

    The trip and ceremony will just be us 2. So its all about just us 2 . We aren't into (but arent offended by) au natural. Looking for lots of intimate time, but the opportinity to meet folks at the bar after dinner for drinks, etc. Based simply on pictures, I am leaning towards CSS, but not sure if the ambiance is what Im looking for, since you cant see that in pics.

    BTW, CN is only out because its out of my planned budget range. CSA looks great, but my one requirement for rooms is a jacuzzi because I will use it every single night, but CSA's few suites with one are already booked up.

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    Good luck with your plans. I'm not sure if you are Canadian or American serving over the, but I just wanted to say "thank you" from my heart!

    My husband served 21 yrs in the Canadian Army and just retired over a year ago, 2 of his 6 tours were in Afghanistan.

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