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    Default Prayers for my daughter-in-law

    Our most recent visit to CSA was a great time, but we had to return home to some bad news. My daughter-in-law that just turned 30 in December was diagnosed with Hodgkin Lymphoma. We are very thankful that it was not lung cancer. She just lost her mother to lung cancer 4 months ago, and now this. She had been coughing for a couple months, and right before we left for CSA I told her to go get a second opinion, as her Dr. told her it was Asthma, so he put her on a inhaler, but it was not helping. She did listen though and I am so glad she did. Actually she returned to him, and he did a chest X-Ray and found the tumor. Anyway she is a trooper about this and is determined to win this, and I am glad she does. The oncologist told us on Monday that if a person is going to get cancer, this is the type to get, 90% survival rate which is awesome. It is going to be a long road for her as she has to have 12 kemo treatments,2 a month, so 6 months of that, then radiation on the tumor on her chest wall. She has one on her lymph nodes also. They have two children which are 12 and 2, so that gives her the srength to fight this. They have good insurance, but even the 10% that they have to pay will soon add up. I am in the process of getting a benefit organized for her to help with extra medical costs. I have wanted to write my review of my latest trip Dec.6th-13th, but just have not found the time with the Holidays and now this. I would like everyone to sneak in a little extra prayer for her, as we begin this journey to fight this horrible disease. I feel so bad for my son, and her father too, they both as the rest of us are so frightened, especially just after losing her mother. Prayers, prayers and more prayers that is what we need. Anyway Mike & Monica how was your trip? Sure enjoyed meeting you Larry & Judi hope everything is good with you.

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    My prayers are headed her way now. She will beat this.


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    We will be sure to include your daughter-in-law in our prayers. God Bless.
    Art xo Francine

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    So sorry about your news. Keep your head up and know that there are people out on the mb that are praying for your family. Know that you are not going through this alone!

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    Your family is on my prayer list. Positive Thoughts, Prayers and Love From New England, Ma

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    We will put your daughter in law and her family in our prayers.

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    So sorry to hear about your daughter-in-law. She will be in our thoughts and prayers for a complete recovery.

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    we have your family in our thoughts and prayers.

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    I have added you and your family to my prayer list.

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    Your Family will be in our prayers! Remember there is nothing too hard for God.

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    Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers. She will be getting her port in tomorrow and heart and lungs checked also tomorrow. Thursday first day of chemo, will keep everyone informed how that goes. Thank again

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    she sounds like a strong person and has a lot to live for, my prayers for her and all of you. be strong God will see you all through.


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