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    Default Excursions from CSA?

    Good Morning!
    I was wondering what excursions are close to CSA? I have heard about Mayfield Falls but thats about it. Can you tell me what are the best ones?

    Thank you,
    - B

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    There are lots of excursions to go on, the Fall is about an hour and twenty minutes away. Rough road. The canopy excursion is about an hour and 15 minutes away. Only thing really close is the Ricks cafe which is 20 minutes away. You will have fun no matter what you pick. Seriously Jacki will hook you up.

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    We did the horseback riding (the name of the ranch escapes me, but it has mountain and beach riding) last time. Pretty nice, only about a 30 minute drive. Let me tell you, horses do NOT swim all that well, nor do they appear to enjoy it. We felt kinda bad for them, but I guess everyone has some aspect of their job they don't like :P

    This time I thimnk the Appleton Estates Distillery is on the list.

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    I have to agree with JasonCassy.

    The horses seemed to hate the swimming part and Cristina's horse wouldn't go out into the water. We felt bad for them. But other than the swimming it was really great.

    Cristina and I were at CN in 2007 and we went on the horseback riding trip. It was really nice, we went early and were the only people on our tour (go early...less people and not so hot), so it was nice and private. The two guides were extremely funny and knowledgeable about the terrain and its practical uses, and we got to run with the horses which is a lot of fun.
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    We went Ziplining, about an hour and a half away but only a half day trip. It was a BLAST!! If you are afraid of heights you might not like it unless you are ready to confront your fears but it is perfectly safe and one of my favorite excursions from any vacations I have been on!

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    We did the horseback riding-was fun but I am not in to the follow the leader type thing. We also did the atv's. You actually left from the same location as the horseback riding just take different trails. This was the best excursion of all. It lasted about 2 hours and you got to ride up into the mountains to see a little church and village. It was amazing. We did the shopping trip in Negril. wouldn't do that again. Too many people pushing you to buy. Our second favorite was the appleton estate tour added in with the falls and the black river tour. The estate is a drive so we made a day of it and did three locations and it was well worth it.

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