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    Default Fishing boats at SSB

    We were at the beach in April and were watching the fishing boats go up and down the river. There was one with a perfect name for our boat, but after a few too many rums, we can't remember now If you're there and think of it, can you please post some of the names you remember? Thanks, enjoy the beach!

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    Survival, King of Sea, Little Children, Blue Fin, C Queen, are the ones we remember so far.

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    We'll be there the first ten days of Feb. I'll get you some if its convenient. (I.E. I'm lazing around with a pen in hand). Well see what happens. Personally as many boats as I've seen go by there, I can honestly say I never noticed a single name on 'em. We could make a bit of a game with it, trying to get the name you're looking for.
    David and Michele

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    Survival III was the one I remember. There was a really cool looking bamboo boat who will take you for a ride up the river - hubby declined as he felt we might not return. LOL
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    I got these...Little Children, King of Sea, Rasta, Blue Fin, Life Saver, C Queen, Survival III, King Pin, Sail Fish, Tosi Ann, Rasta Rascal, Queen Lady, Sea Gal, Momie, C Shell,...all under the influence of Sun Set Beach.

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