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    Hi all,

    We will be stayiang at CSS from Feb 13-20 and We have a quick question on SSB. Is it possible to walk to a more secluded spot on the beach before removing clothing or do you have to walk onto the beach in the buff? It will be our first time experiencing and AN beach and are just wondering.

    Doreen and Mike

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    They ask you to go AN with in 10 to 15 minutes. In that amount of time you will be able to walk to a less seculded spot on the beach.

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    Absolutely. Walk to your place on the beach, lay out your towel on your chair, stretch, then undress and enjoy the freedom!!! No one will be walking behind you with a stop watch. As long as you're moving toward AN and not standing around clothed gawking at people no one will rush you.


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    Thank you for the reply, thats what we were hoping to hear.

    Doreen and Mike

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    You can walk over to your spot on the beach and then take off your clothes. They give you about 5 minutes.
    We will be there at the same time. There is plenty of space so you won't feel like your crowded.
    We can't wait to get there. You will love it.

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    We are definitely going to give the AN experience a fair shake. Can't wait to get to SSB!!!

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