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    Default Uk visitors in April/May 2010.

    Hi Everyone,
    just a quick thread for any UK visitors visiting CTI in April?

    We are visiting CTI from 24th April until 8th May and would welcome any correspondence from others visitors.

    We have noticed that our American friends are very good at using messaging boards prior to a holiday, so we thought that we would also give it a go and see if any UK guest find these boards also?

    We hope everyone has a great holiday, whatever their visiting dates are.

    Dave and Michelle

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    Hi Dave and Michelle
    We shall be at CTI from 17th April through to 1 May, this will be our 2nd time to CTI the last time we went was in Nov 2006, we has also been to CN that was Oct/Nov 2008,
    We have used this message board since before our first trip in 2006 and it is certainly awash with some great advice.
    You can also check out the meet up at CTI thread for April, there already a lot of names on that.
    We are from Cambridge, where are you from?
    No Doubt we will see you in April, not long now!!!!
    Ellie & Simon

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    Hey Dave and Michelle,

    We will be there May 04th-12th so we have an overlapping stay. Our first time in Couples so don’t have any advice other than what’s on this board. By the time we get there maybe you can help us out with advice… One thing you can do is go to the “Meet-up at couples” link (in the middle just under the pictures at top). Under that link you can view on this board other people who may be there at the same time…. If you haven’t already.

    PS I am originally from the UK but transplanted over to the US... she is from here (Boston area).

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    Hi Trimada,Ellie & Simon.
    Thanks for taking the trouble to contact us and "hello" to you all. (Sorry we dont have your names Trimada?)

    Yes we are looking forward to our visit and like you, no doubt counting down the days to our holiday. We have been to Jamaica before but only at Negril in 2006/9, so we are CTI newbie's!

    We are especially looking forward to a couples only resort again, as our last trip there where lots of children running around in the evenings, but we did have a sanctuary on the cloths optional beach during the day, which was adults only.

    I especially enjoy snorkeling, so if you ever need a buddy to go with, just ask!

    Look forward to chatting over the next few months and sharing a drink or two in CTI.

    Dave and Michelle

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    Hi All,

    We are not going to CTI but are to CSA - can't wait - we go Mid April so very very excited!!!

    It will be our first time to the Caribbean and WE CAN't WAIT!!!


    Claire and Ady from UK

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    Default 1st time at CSA


    get ready for an experience of a Lifetime. Once you trip and fall into paradise there is no reason to go anywhere else.

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    Seahorse - As I look out the window today at tonnes of cold snow - I am already starting to imagine the sipping of cocktails with the sea lapping on the shore, and the soft sound of Caribbean music..... ahhhhh

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    Lets bump this up to the top of the MB again, so far it does look like there will be many of us from the UK at CTI during this time.
    Now we are on the double digit countdown roll on April 17th!!! Especially as all can see here is snow and more snow!!!

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    Sorry it must be the snow- I meant there does NOT look like many of us from the UK going to CTI in April!!!!!!!!!!
    Lets keep this post going

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    Default UK couples April/May 2010

    Hi Elsi, and good to hear from you again.

    As for the snow, yes we have had quite a bit down here in Devon, but not as bad as those who live up the North of the UK. I think the Snow will be a distant memory when we are sunning ourselves at CTI in April and May.

    This is our first time to CTI, but we have heard so much about it from friends and familly, that we just had to make a visit.
    It was a close shout between Hawksbil on Antuiga again or CTI and i am glad that we have chosen CTI.

    We cant wait for our holiday to come around and look forward to sharing a drink or two when we get to CTI.

    Dave and Michelle

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    Hi Dave and Michelle
    Hopefully sharing more than one or two!!!!!
    We loved CTI when we were there 3 years ago, and I am sure you will enjoy it as much we did, we are lucky enough to be able to return again to see what the renovations are like,
    The snow seems to finally more or less gone from Cambridge, what about Devon is that clearing now.
    April will soon be here, especially when we have to pay the balance in about 3 weeks
    We are looking forward to meeting you both, until then take care
    Ellie & Simon

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    Hey Elsi

    If you are running out of snow, please feel free to come to my house and pick some up… I have plenty to share, still about a foot or so… (we had over 2 feet before Christmas)…

    I have lived in a couple of places not too far from you .. Goring-on-Thames (About 10 miles from Reading) and Oxted or is that too far away? I miss the weather over there as at least your snow melts after a few days… Here you get a couple of feet and you are lucky if it melts after a month…. This morning when I woke up it was 6 degrees outside or in your terms… -14… and that is actually not as bad as it will get…

    Anyway, I think we will be missing you as it looks like you leave on May 1st and we will not be around until the 4th… Dave & Michelle, I fully expect a few good recommendations for drinks and things to do by the time we get there…

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    Hi everyone, although we wont be at couples in april or may i thought i would post anyway (being a brit i thought qualified) we are returning to CTI in june for our 11th visit and for those of you who have not visited CTI before you are in for an amazing treat . It is a fantastic place to be and my wife and i consider it to be our second home, we have just returned home from jamaica ( we got back 24th dec and booked to go back again in june.The staff there are amazing and the main reason why we keep returning. any questions don't hesitate.
    steve & kirsty (uk).

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    Default Things to do

    Hi Trimada,

    Dont think we will be doing too much, apart from Sunbathing, chilling and having a good time. We intend doing a few trips, snorkeling around the Island etc, but nothing to much.

    As for the drinks, well by the time you guys get here we should have the drinks and cocktail list sorted out, and plenty of recommendation for you no doubt?

    Probably, like you we are counting down the days, although we do have a week in Spain booked in March, so once we come back from that, it should be all downhill to CTI.

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    Hi All
    Still looks like not many of us brits are going to be at CTI during this period, or they do not read the message board.
    It is now just under 12 weeks till we go and 2 weeks until we pay the balance to Virgin!!!!Once that has been paid I think the time will come round really quickly.
    Dave and Michelle we shall have drinks lined up ready for you !!!!
    Until then take care
    Ellie and Simon

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    Ok to jump in on this thread?

    We're from the UK. We married at CN in May 2005. Returned to Jamaica in 2007 & did 1wk CTI then on to CSS for 1wk.

    This May we're due to arrive at CSA on 15th May for 1wk & then over to CN for 1wk where we'll celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary - right where it happened............yeay !!!!!

    But what makes it even more special is that a couple from Virginia Beach USA who we met in Cancun whilst on holiday 6yrs ago are joining us for our 2nd week - woo hoo party time.

    We've been holidaying in the caribbean every year (twice last year)since 2004 & we haven't found anything to beat Couples including 2 of the 'S' hotels.

    Couples are simply the best!
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    Thats it the offical countdown until 17th April starts here!!!! Balance of holiday paid to Virgin, So CTI here we come
    Ellie & Simon

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    I hope some of our British friends will be at CTI & CN when we're there from 4/10 - 4/16 & 4/17 - 4/21, respectively.

    Rosa and I still carry fond memories of our wonderful trip to London back in '06. We vow that someday, not sure exactly when, but someday we'll return.

    Reading is fundamental. It's just that for some, it's more mental than fun.

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    Does is count if you are from the USA but know people from the UK?

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    We'll be at CSA from 5th March until the 13th. Sorry to hijack the thread but we are from the UK! Elaine and Ian

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