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    Default can anyone tell me how much the spa rates are at Negril

    We will be at Couple Negril the end of June and just wandering what the rates was. Wanting to get my wife a massage for our anniversay July 1st. Thanks for any info

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    If you go to the home page you can actually pull up all the rates for the different massages

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    Default Spa prices

    Hi caribbeanlovers,

    When we were at CN in December, the prices were:

    Stress relief 25 min. $50
    The stress release massage concentrates on the neck and shoulder area which helps to reduce physical and emotional tension.

    Swedish 25 min $55
    Swedish 55 min $110
    Swedish 85 min $150
    The classic relaxing full-body massage uses long, smooth strokes to soothe aches and pains and relieve stress and tension.

    Deep tissue/trigger point 55 min $130
    Deep tissue/trigger point 85 min $165
    Full body massage with deeper pressure applied to muscles to release toxins, and relieve stress and tension.

    Reflexology 25 min $85
    Reflexology 55 min $115
    This treatment is based on the stimulation of specific reflex areas on the feet and hands that correspond to parts of the body, as well as its physiological systems, organs and glands. This treatment helps reduce physical and emotional tension, increases circulation and normalizes the body's nervous system to promote well-being and good health.

    Aromatherapy 25 min $55
    Aromatherapy 55 min $115
    Aromatherapy 85 min $160
    Combine the nurturing art of our classic massage with the application of your choice of essential oils to relax, revitalize, detoxify or rebalance the body.

    Couples massage 50 min $210
    Couples massage 80 min $300
    Enjoy Swedish or aromatherapy.

    Deluxe massage (4 hands) 55 min $220
    The ultimate relaxation experience performed synchronically by two therapists to reduce stress and leave the body totally refreshed and balanced.

    I think it's $10 per person extra for treehouse or beach hut.

    If she's available, ask for Millicent. Wonderful, experienced hands, deep massage without "poking fingers".



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    Default Spa Rates

    The spa rates are posted on the sites. Check out your resort thrn in the information links one will be the spa.
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