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    We are almost down to the double digit dance, its been a long time waiting....We are what people on the MB call Couple's Virgin...LOL..I am wondering if it is possible to request a room on the second floor..I would prefer the second floor. Is it possible to request that? And if so how do I go about doing that? Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

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    You can't request a room, floor or building in advance. You have to wait until you check in. They will try to accommodate your requests at that time. I really wish you could reserve your room in advance like airline seats, but you can't.
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    We had made a request when we made our reservation and asked for third floor and did get it. If you have already made your reservation, I would suggest goingot the contact us link and give them your reservation number and make the request. If you get there and find you didn't get it, Couples will do all they can to help accomodate you at that point.

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    You can make your request upon arrival.

    From Randymon's recent "rants" on hot button topics:

    ". . . [E]very so often I am compelled to restate our position on a few topics that keep rearing up their ugly heads, so here I go:

    . . . . 5. Specific Rooms, Buildings or Floor requests: NO! As a result of daily arrivals and departures, it is impossible for us to guarantee any specific room number, building or floor. Rooms are assigned upon arrival and we will do whatever we can to accommodate you at that time. Coming with an expectation of a specific room assignment may only serve to unnecessarily disappoint you at the start of your vacation. This applies to all reservations, even if you or your travel agent request it or note it in the reservation."
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    When you check into the hotel, make the request at that time. Randymon has stated that this is the way to do it, but not to get your hopes up as with all the check-ins and check-outs during each day it is sometimes difficult to fulfill requests.
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    We had requested a second floor room one time and they put us on the 1st floor and I absolutely loved it. At first I thought I would hate it(no privacy) but now I always request 1st floor ang get it. We found there are really very few people walking in front of your room. I'm sure they will try to grant your wish if they can.

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