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    Default Curious about the "vibe"

    Hi all,

    I have done AN at a couple of retreat centers in Hawaii and Arizona. I was very comfortable there because people were on retreat and it was a spiritual experience and it really was no big whoop to be naked. There was a hippy naturalist vibe that I was very comfortable with.

    We are off to CSS next Dec and I am considering AN there, but I am sure it will be different because everyone is on vacation and alcohol is involved. Don't get me wrong, I love my cocktails, I just have never experienced AN with a party.

    What is the vibe like? Would an earth momma be comfortable there?

    Thx, Jen

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    When we were there in Aug '09 it was very laid back. Those that wanted to socialize, mostly stayed at the swim up bar in the pool. Those that wanted privacy stayed on the beach. We did a mixture of both, playing some no-net volleyball in the pool and staying under a palapa on the beach or using our 'floaties' in the ocean. Either way there was never any pressure on either of us.

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    We just got back from CSS and SSB and the vibe was wonderful. The people there were very friendly and everyone had a great time. The beach is big enough if you choose not to be social, there is a pool and pool bar which made the pool area the social spot but space and quite time around the pool is still available around the back side of the pool area. This was probably our 4th AN experience and first away from CN - we much preferred SSB over the AN area at CN.

    I think an "earth momma" would be very comfortable there.
    ... it keepsh me shane

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    Hi Jen, I can appreciate your concerns about the "vibe". We have visited all 3 of the AN areas of Couples. You can be assured that there is a high level of respect for everyone. I believe that you can mix alcohol and maturity with no problems. CSS offers quite a large area that you can keep to yourselves if you wish. The AN area is very spread out. There can be a party around the bar and pool, and you can still be secluded, with no problems. Hope this helps!!! Enjoy, Bob

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    Momma, I'm gonna say yes, definitely. I think you'll be very comfortable.

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    In my opinion, at CSS you can be as like. That is to say if you want to be social that opportunity is open to you. If you wish quiet solitude that too is your option. If you wish to be a bit rowdy within limits, you can join into that as well. That is because the CSS Sunset Beach is spacious.
    You can have quiet solitude in shade or sun on your lounge chair by the pool or somewhere on the beach which is as large as some parks , float in the water on a raft in the pool or the ocean, or relax sitting in the hot tub.
    People tend to socialize around the swim up bar. You don't have to drink alcohol to socialize. In the after dinner hours you could get a bit rowdy at a lounge within reason. Its all your choice. Maybe a fairly secluded hammock overlooking the ocean is more your style, and that's available too.
    I could answer more in depth if you like. Maybe I'm biased towards selling you on it, because I'm hooked on CSS. My wife and I really enjoy a leisurely stroll around the pond every day.
    Michele and David

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    The only people we saw being drunk and silly (not obnoxious) at CN in November, they were in the main pool area with bathing suits on. The AN group who mixed alcohol and nakedness were respectfully relaxed and those who were more social were totally approriate. Nobody was bothered and everyone was enjoying the sun as they wanted to. No worries, just contentment!!

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