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Thread: Hair braiding??

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    Default Hair braiding??

    Is there someone who braids hair at the resort? I have gotten it done in the past and find it very comfortable in the hot weather.

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    Yes, I've seen hair braiders at both CSA and CN. There are usually people off the resort, if you walk down the beach, who will do it as well.

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    You can get your hair braided in the salons at both CSA and CTI for sure. I think you can get it done at all four resorts in the salon, but I have not done it at CN or CSS. I usually do it on the beach at CSA, though, and it is quite comfortable. You are in the shade, and there is almost always a nice breeze. It's even better when someone keeps you stocked up with frozen drinks!

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    While my husband and I were at CNlast year we wet down the beach towards the ofice of nature and we saw some vendors. Besides the usual goods the ladies were offering to your hair!!
    One Love,

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    Thank you for the replies. I am curious to hear from someone who has been to CSS because I understand there are no vendors on the beach as it is private or are there?

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