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    Default Dec 5th to 12 Scuba divers

    Hello! Hoping to have a super time diving at CN in December. Anyone else?

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    Kaityogill -- we will JUST miss you by one day! Maybe next time?

    December soon come.


    Linda & Mike

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    Darn! I feel like we are such close friends! haha! Are you going before or after us? Have you heard anything about the boat or fewer dives per day? I hope not!

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    we are dive family who just haven't been properly introduced!

    We will be arriving on the 12th around noon.. hopefully we can meet up one of these days.

    I spoke with Shrek Monday afternoon. Bubbles is still in drydock but she should be back in the water soon. As far as Shrek knows, all the guys' homes were okay from the storm, which was a relief. Everything else is going well.

    I will give him a call in a couple of weeks to get an update. Will let you know anything I hear.


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    Default Linda

    Indeed! I am glad everyone is well. Is the crew still Shrek, Sugar,Richard, Craig and Alain? I can be reached at and would love updates as you hear them. The first time we were there, Bubbles was down and they took us to CSA with the snorkle boat. Not too bad for those of us that want to dive! We'll call the dolphins out for ya!

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    Will def let you know anything I hear!

    Yes!!!.. call out the dolphins!

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