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    Default Couples family member needs your prayers..Hugs

    Coloradojuli is now in the hospital. She had surgery 2 weeks ago and has developed a blood clot the entire length of her leg and will have surgery on Friday to remove it. Please pray for her as they have already tried this surgery on Tuesday and it failed.

    Peggy and I are praying for you Juli.


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    Juli - My prayers are with you. May God guide the surgeon's hands to effectively remove the blood clot.

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    You are in our prayers.

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    We are sending our thoughts and prayers to you from Highlands Ranch, Colorado. Best of luck with your surgery and we will keep an eye out for your quick recovery.

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    Prayers for Coloradojuli & her surgeon from the Randazzos, Fox Point WI.

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    Oh my, I wondered why she hasn't been on the computer lately. You are in my thoughts and prayers Juli!

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    Praying for Juli.

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    Tommy thanks for the news on Juli. I was wondering why I hadn't heard from her lately. Please keep us updated if you hear.
    Juli please know that you are in my prayers.

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    Prayers and best wishes for a good outcome from Kevin & Pamela in New York.
    I know everything, and I'm always right (just ask my husband).

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    Default praying for you!

    You are in my prayers!

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    Oh no!! I hate hearing this. Juli- I will pray for you to recover and come through this with flying colors. Thanks Tommywommy for letting us all know. Erlanger, Kentucky.


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    Juli, you are in our thoughts and prayers.


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    Prayers for Juli and her surgeon from the Entwistles, McFarland, WI.

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    Hoping things go better this time. Thinking of you.

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    Any word on how Juli is doing? I know her surgery was today.

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    I did not get the exact specifics from Juli but today things did not go well..I'll post again as soon as I get more info..Please do keep prying.

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    In our prayers!

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    Have you heard how Juli did with her surgery today? Please let us know.

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    I didn't even know TW had started this thread as I have been in the hospital and 'out of it'. I had some quiet time this morning so I'll try to get you all updated.

    As TW told you, I had surgery on November 25th. Everything went fine and I went home feeling great. On November 29th I started having pain in my tailbone. During the course of the week the pain moved from my tailbone to just under my butt to the inside of my left leg. The pain became so intense that it became impossible to walk on the leg and I started using crutches. My Dr this whole time thought that I was just having pain from the positioning that they had put me on the table for my surgery as my leg was neither swelling or hot. On December 7th I woke to my leg swollen and went to see my Dr who put me in the hospital. They ran several tests on my leg and in the end told me that my entire left leg was one large clot.

    On December 8th they went in to put a 'basket' in my stomach area to catch any clots that might break loose and try to head toward my heart or lungs. This prcedure was successful. At the same time they tried to go in and remove the clot, but one of the instruments slipped and cut the vein. I am on blood thinner so they had to stop so that there would not be any further damage done and that I would not bleed to death. We also would have to wait a few days before trying again because the vein needed to heal.

    On December 10th they went in and rooter rooter'ed my leg and got the clots. During all this time my leg had swelled to twice it's normal size. We thought we had finally had victory. But on the 11th the Dr came in and told us there was still a problem. The swelling in my leg should have gone down and the pain should be gone. But instead of the swelling going down, the leg has gotten bigger.

    Last night they did an ultra sound and found that the leg is once again filled with clots. We are to talk to the Dr today, don't know what time or what we will do, but I am becoming discouraged and could use some prayers.


    Juliann & Jeff
    Jamaica Soon Come

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    I just got an email from Juli. Things did not go werll yesterday at aaall They are waiting to hear fro the doctor's as to what they can do next. Some of the options are not very encouraging.
    Please keep Juli & Scott in your prayers and please add them to any prayer chains you may belong to, they need all they prayers they can get.


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    we are all still praying for you Juli. hopefully things will turn better soon.


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    Keep strong Juli. we are all praying for the best.

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    ohmygosh Juli!!!!! Thoughts and prayers heading your way! Keep positive thoughts!

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    We are praying for you. We always enjoy your posts and look forward to many more.


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    Still thinking of you. Hope that the Drs have a solution and have you on your way to recovery.

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