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    Default CSS Dinner Reservations

    Looking for an email contact to make advance dinner reservations. We are unable to utilize the precheck in due to who our reservations were conducted. Thanks in advance!
    [B]2018: Jun 17-24 Couples Sans Souci, July 21-28 EDSS/HBR
    PAST TRIPS: CSS 6-'16,-17 Azul Fives 6-'15 Desire Pearl 6-'13,5-'14
    Couples OR/TI 2-'95,6-'97,1-'00,01,4-'12 Hedo3 7-'03,04,05 GLB 7-'06,07,08,09
    Starfish 6-'07,08 Rose Hall 6-'08,09 GLN 6-'09 Breezes Rio Bueno 2-'10
    Dreams RC&PA 6-'10 Now Jade 4-'11 EDSS/HBR 7-'10,11,12,13,14,15,16 EDM 7-'14

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    If you go to the following page on the Couples website: and click on the down arrow next to "By Email" you'll be able to submit a message direct to the resort. We've used this before to initiate contact and were quickly contacted, by e-mail, by the person at the resort that could assist. Hope this helps and you enjoy your visit to CSS!!

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