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    Default Tommywommy! Where's that snow shovel?

    OK TW!!! You've done it now.

    You wished everyone a white Christmas and guess what?

    Now that we here in New England will be shoveling snow until Christmas day and you packed your snowblower up it that warm garage. We will be sitting here waiting for you to show up with your snow shovel.

    You said white Christmas which means a light cover not a foot deep blanket!

    Your snow wishes for everyone are now being reduced to snow flurries only.

    As the truck backs up for me to load another load of snow to send to 10 O C.

    Here's wishing you and Peggy a Merry Christmas.

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    and if you have to wish us any more snow......

    Attachment 3698
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    Dad(Rdyjmjm)..I indeed called Mother Nature and ordered snow for my friends a couple of days ago..I ordered the beautiful,white and fluffy stuff for everyone.

    I am indeed the Snow Shoveling King..Look at the picture below..It was taken at Mzambo's home..Look closely at my work..Do you see ANY snow left in their driveway or even any on their grass??..So,I guess you now know that I am a worker..Right?
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    I'm so sorry that TW shoveled all that snow off your yard and left you none for Christmas. I'll do my best to divert a shipment I was sending to TW's house since he isn't home to shovel it off the truck.

    We do need to work on TW's snow shoveling attire. You know he will catch cold not wearing his mittens.

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    that cant possibily be Tommywommy. that hat isn't YELLOW

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    Default Hey "Tommy Frost??"

    It was so kind of you to send all of us Yankees snow for Christmas! Can we return it?? Did you get a gift receipt from Mother Nature? It looks as if you shoveled you neighbors driveway too! Your kind heart is limitless! Love you Tommy!

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    I have worked all my life and believe it or not,I enjoy it.
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    As we get more snow this weekend some of us are plotting a way to make sure that you get your fair share of this white stuff.

    OK so you're not home and the delivery truck was returned because there was no one home to accept the shipment. Don't be surprised if that 10 O C home doesn't get converted into an igloo while you are out traveling the country side.

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