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    Default Couples is all over the USA now....Hugs

    The Couples Resorts...Even beyond Jamaica.

    Peggy and I have been doing an awful lot of traveling recently by car all over the USA and we continue to see,dine with,stay with and Par Ta with guests of Couples.As we travel thru city after city,we either stop to meet strangers(all guests of Couples)or to see friends(all guests of Couples),or throw out hugs to strangers(all guests of Couples).

    Tomorrow(Thursday) we start another road trip..We are spending the night and seeing the New Year in with RLS and their lovely daughters in Ohio...Mzambo will be joining us..Friday we are going with Mzambo to her home in Michigan for several days..Monday we will spend the night with two friends,Patty and Dave,(guests of Couples)in Lincoln,Nebraska.We met Patty and Dave at CN in January 05...Then we will drive on to Colorado where we hope to see, four other guests of Couples,Joe,Deborah,Juli and Scott..I can go on but I think you get the idea of much the Couples resorts mean to me and how much the Couples Resorts have changed our lives.

    The Couples Resorts...Where the great times extend beyond the boundries of Jamaica..
    The Couples Resorts...The resort that keeps on giving and giving out happiness to their guests.

    Happy New Year everyone.
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