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    Default Weather at San Souci

    It sucks!!!! We have been at Sans Souci since Saturday and have seen about 5 minutes of sun all week...others have not seen it for longer who have been here before us...10 days.

    Is the weather at Negril going to be any better than ours over the next two days? We are leaving on Saturday and NO ONE will ever believe we've been to Jamaica if we have no tan...or burn!!! ...was thinking about heading over to Negril if they are going to have any sun...not the liquid sunshine we've been having....

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    According to Wally, who has been at CN all week, the weather has been icky there too

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    Default would probably be too far anyway at this point... Looks like no sun this trip. It's just getting a little old drinking the day away....think I've tried every drink But the staff has been doing their best to try and keep folks in a good attitude. Can't do anything about the weather...but it still sucks.

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    Vermonter16... SO SORRY to hear about your trip! I can't believe the weather could be so awful for so long in JAMAICA of all places... I really feel badly for you...

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    Default Weather in Sans Souci

    That is too bad...I hope it clears for you today!
    We are headed there in two weeks, hope it gets better!

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    So Sorry to hear about your weather! I know it can suck, we had 3 1/2 days of terrible weather in December, plus 2 days of no water sports, or island days. We finally had nice weather the last 4 days of the trip. But many people we met who usually go at that same time, end of december. Said the weather is usually great. Weather has been odd both there and in the southern states. I'm lucky to say we are going back in Feb for our anniversary. I'm hoping the weather get's better too. Here's to memories of bar hoping on rainy days. Wish I had a pic of some people who made a hut out of pool chairs and tables over the hot tub.

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