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    Default When things turn around.....

    When things start to turn around the smile returns and your heart skips a beat to silly little things..... I've been away from CSA for a few years, not by choice but by life. I sat at my computer and up comes an instant message from a Jamaican face I've known for 9 years...Mr Fabulous! Ohhhh.....I miss Jamaica. So all of a sudden I have reggae playing and I'm wondering how I can go home. I start planting the seed to my old picture of CSA as our computer desktop background, just a little tug at the heartstrings. Maybe a peice of paper left on his desk with a quote to take us home. I start saying things like "Maybe we should take a walk if we want to look good on the beach"! Next comes an email from a message board friend saying they have money down and want us to meet them again. He tells me how his sweet little wife walks by a picture of my husband and I and almost cries cause she can't imagine her beach buddies not being there. Ohhhhh.....I miss Jamaica. I play a song and have the hubby come listen to it, I can see his smile start to turn, no worries now...just adding a little fuel to the fire.
    His face softens and I can see it in his smile "Ok babe....I hear ya. Lets go home"! Next thing I know we're asking for Vacation time at work and picking out dates. I can just see the mountainside now....a thick cloud of steamy mist as afternoon liquid sunshine mixes with June heat, the smell of the coffee Rose tree through the plantation shutters. Ohhhhh....I miss Jamaica. The perfect blend of tree frogs, waves kissing the shore and soft breezes through the palms. Life turned and brought back to all that we love.

    As my hubby said to me...."Ok Jamaica. I hear ya...we're coming home"! Dirtleg...we'll see ya the beach!!!

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    Suddenly our trip is even more special than we had hoped. Mrs dirtleg is soooo thrilled.
    Yes indeed, see you guys at the beach!

    I love the beach. Have I mentioned that lately?

    Now all we have to do is figure out how many fridays or tuesdays or whatevers to count down.

    Welcome home Rrrrrrrrr!

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    Rrrrrrr, we are very happy that you are "going home" again. enjoy your trip.


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    Rrrrrrrrr SO glad to see you back on the MB. CSA has been waiting for you.

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    Thanks guys.....I just couldn't come back and talk about CSA when I had no idea when I'd get to go home. Made me way sad. We are so happy that it's in our sites again. To think we've waited 3 years now and this will be our Wall of Fame trip....YEAH!!!

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    Glad to hear that you get to go back home!!!

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    So glad to hear from you again. Have a great trip home. Missed you posting here.

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    Rrrrrrr is back!

    This is great.

    I really missed your threads and wonderful reviews of CSA.


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    Great to see you back, and happy to hear you are going home!


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    Congrats!!! That's Great News!!! ENJOY!!!!
    Art xo Francine

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    Lucky you!!!! We definitely missed Mr Fabulous at CSA last time we were there! Hopefully you can meet up with him!!! We keep missing him!
    Have a fantastic time, when are you guys going this year? We didn't make it this year and it was so sad when our normal week came and went without Jamaica!
    Have a great time!

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    Alex is doing well...chatted with him just the other night. He's looking into working at Rose Hall with Nadia. The new faces at CSA will also become memories for us, there is always someone who stands out and becomes your friends. We'll go home in June for our Anniversary. It's so very cool....this will be our Wall of Fame trip.

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    Teresa -

    I put up another posting, but iggy it... When will you be at SweptAway... May or June?

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Chris....June is our time. We'll be there from the 13-20 and the sweet little couple Dirtleg and his wife join us a few days later.

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    Our loss... enjoy your return and stay!!!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Rrrrrrrrr: Hey, she's back!! Good to see you return. Enjoy your wall of fame trip home to Swept Away.

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    Glad to see you are back!! How do you like Phoenix? We love it here except in the summers! Enjoy your trip back!

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    We love living here! Having palm trees in my yard has helped a little with us missing the Island. I'll even take that 117 heat over cold and snow anyday!!!

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