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    Default Advice from the experts needed.

    Ready for our second trip to CSA in April. My wife wants to see a waterfall while we are there. I'm ok with that, although I would be happy just lying in a hammock all day! (Not really)

    Don't want to spend a whole day away from the beach and the hammock. Any suggestions for a half day adventure? It seems like someone told us we could walk to a nearby waterfall. Is Appleton a whole day visit?

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    Appleton is just under 2 hours away and it's a beautiful drive, especially with a knowledgable driver who can tell you stories/history about the different districts you'll pass through on the way to St. Elizabeth Parish.
    We went from 8am-2pm with just the trip to Appleton... If you leave early enough in the morning, you could also stop at YS Falls or the Black River and not be out too late in the day.

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    The ATV adventure(chukka) was awesome and requires only 1/2 day particpation. Enjoy!

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    Mayfield Falls is another waterfall experience. More hands-on and feet-in-the-water than YSFalls, but lots of fun in its own way! Its also within a reasonable day-trip, you can be back on-campus by 3 if you wish!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    There are no waterfalls in Negril nor close enough to walk to...there are no hammocks at YS Falls, though a lots of green lawns where you can throw down a towel to relax while your wife plays in the water.

    If by half day you mean four'll not be able to go to either YS or the Mayfield Falls Riverwalk (a lot of fun but not the large cascade type of falls most people think of.) Mayfield is closer to Negril than YS, but you'd be rushed through the whole experience to get back to Negril in four hours, and would negate the whole idea of enjoying yourself while on your outing. Five hours minimum would be needed...six hours max.

    YS Falls on it's own is a six hour minimum trip...add in the Black River Safari or YS or the Pelican Bar and you'll have an 8-10 hour day...unless riding with a demon driver and rushing through the activity experience.

    If you're here a week, and this is your only outing off property, I'm sure you can sweet talk your wife into something she can do to reward you for being willing to give up beach / hammock time for one day. Make the most of what Jamaica has to offer, learn about the country and culture and enjoy some play time at our scenicl attraction spots.

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    When we were there in May, we did Black River, Appleton and YS Falls. Our tour guide was great fun (thanks Nadine!!). We probably wouldn't do it again but are glad we went. We only stayed an hour at the Falls but I was ready to go once we were done. Definitely look into an off-site excursion. I believe we left about 8 or so and returned by 5 - in time to see the sunset.

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    YS and Mayfield are doable from Negril, they are very different experiences, and YS I would combine with possibly the Pelican Bar (a bar on stilts in the ocean) you must take a boat to get to it. It was very cool.

    YS is what you picture as a true beautiful waterfall, there are tubes, rope swings, and since we went they have added a zipline.

    Mayfield are small cascading falls, it is very interactive. It is a riverwalk, you are walking up the river with a guide, enjoying natural jacuzzi's, you are in the water the whole time with lunch at the end. You can research both on the internet at great length and see lots of pic's.

    Can't tell you which was my favorite, they were both pretty incredible experiences!

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    We just returned from CSA Dec 13th and there was 8 of us. We took the Appleton Rum tour, YS Falls and the ride down the river. We left at 8a.m. and did not return till 6p.m. The Falls was beautiful, but if we had to do it all over, we would not of went. It took one whole day of our trip, and I am a big beach lover and my husband likes his hammock on the porch. However if you want to see a great place in Jamaica, go to the gift shop by the tour desk and ask for Nadean. She will arrange a 10 minute drive to one of the schools up in the hills. They do not charge for this, however we tipped the bus driver as he took us and waited for us so we could visit the children,3-6 year olds. We took lots of school supplies for them and they were so grateful, it was amazing. We enjoyed that more than the Appleton Rum Tour.

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    Here are a few pictures of the school we visited. I forgot to mention that my daughter-in-law and I were the only ones that brought the school supplies and wanted to do this. However at the last minute my husband,son,and brother and sister-in-law decided that they would tag along. Reminding you at first of course they said, boring. Well when we left the school on our bus ride back, they said they were so glad they went and it was the greatest experience ever, it was the highlight of our trip. Thanks Nadean for arranging that for us. Next year more school supplies and Christmas gifts for all the kids. It is amazing to see the smile on their faces.
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