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    Default Ride to Negril and time difference from States to Jamaica

    I read on the FAQ page that the ride to Negril is 1 hr 15 min, however I think I also read on the message board somewhere that the roads are being worked on and that the ride is considerably longer than that. Can anybody that has recently came back from CN let me know if the road work is an issue and how long the ride was?

    Also, what is the time difference right now between Jamaica time and EST? Someone said it was an hour back but I also heard it wasn't, so I'm a little confused.

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    We were just at CSA in April (same shuttle as CN) and the roads are finished so the drive is about 1hr 15min or 1hr and 30min.

    Jamaica does not observe daylight savings time. So right now, they are on the same time as the central time zone (an hour behind eastern time). However, when we all fall back, they will not.

    Hope this helps!
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    Jamaica is on Eastern Standard time all of the time. They do not adjust for daylight savings.

    So, in the summer months, during daylight savings months, Jamaica is one hour behind the east coast of the US. During the winter months, there is no time difference.
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    Actually, both answers are correct, depending on the time of year.

    Jamaica is in the Eastern Time Zone, but they do not observe Daylight Savings Time.

    They are one hour behind Eastern Time during the portion of the year when the U.S. is on Daylight Savings Time. They have the same time as Eastern Time when the U.S. is on Standard Time.

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    I was just there 2 weeks ago. The ride is still about 1.25 hours. There was a tad of road work, but it didn't hold us up. The time difference is, yes, one hour behind EST. I thought it was the same also, but nope.

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    As for the time difference, Jamaica does not change their clocks the way we do in the US. Right now the time is 1 hour earlier than east coast time. It is the same as EST.

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    Not sure about the road, it's been about 3 years since I've been there.

    Jamaica does not observe daylight savings time, so during US 'summer' they are 1 hour behind. i.e. It's 10:35am in East Tennessee right now (eastern time zone). and 9:35am in Negril

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    We just got back from CSA on Saturday and the shuttle drive there which was on a Monday around 1, it took about two hours due to construction being done. They stopped half way, was a nice ride though. Coming back on a Saturday only an hour and a half.

    One hour time difference and I live in PA so.

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    I am interested in the time of ride also?

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    Take TimAir--15 minutes--no road problems mon!!

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    Depending on weather and traffic the normal trip time is 1 hr 15 minutes give or take a few minutes for pit stops.

    Manley Highway is a decent road. It is not I95 or a major highway like here in the USA but it is decent.

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    Some like the Tim Air flight which has a cost associated with it. Many others prefer the bus or van ride as it lets you see a side of Jamaica you don't see from the air.

    The crowded city road as you wind your way out of Montego Bay. The many various shops full of Jamaicans and tourist alike shopping. The scenic drive along the coast on the way to Negril shows alot of the unspoiled beauty the island has to offer.

    Count the goats, the horses. View a way of life that the Jamaican people endure.

    Experience a way of life and see some of Jamaica's beauty.

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