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    Default No longer an Island virgin

    After 4 days of wind and rain, we finally made it to Tower Isle on Christmas Eve. It was so worth the wait and the reindeer antlers were a nice touch. Thanks to everyone who made us feel so comfortable and for helping us lose our "virginity". We will definitely do it again.

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    Glad you had a good time!

    Speaking of island virgins... here is a picture of Trish and I (Adam) out on the island in November. Our first time going AN as well.. we loved every minute of it! Went back every day!

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    Our first visit coming. What made you finally do it? Wife is wavering.

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    Hey Jen & Adam, it was great to meet you both as well! Yes, the antlers were a great touch, and thanks go off to Michelle for that one, wish she had been there! Maybe we can get her and Brandon back in Feb.. KCandSTL, I wavered too the first year we went, and have not once looked back with regret since. The island is a great place, filled with really nice people. One of the reasons we keep going back year after year. Sometimes more than once.. We are counting down to our return in 37 days.. YAY! And I am hopeful there will be ni rain this time..

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    I pestered Trish about it for a month prior to going and told her stories from the boards here, reassuring her that nobody judged out there. She finally conceded that she'd try it. It wasn't all that difficult to convince her. I said, "If we go out there and feel really weird, we just get dressed and come back... no harm done."

    It also helped that I got her to drink a bob marley shot before lunch. After lunch she was ready to give it a try and she really enjoyed the peacefulness of the island. It is so easy to just lay down with a book and read all afternoon... we did it everyday.

    I was the bartender... so she didn't have to get up except for trips to the bathroom.

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    I am going to leave it up to my midwestern girl. Hope she does not "what-if". I posted somewhere else that if she does, we come back and try, try again!

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