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    Default Sangster's "blue mountain coffee rum cream" at airport?

    Hi everyone. Does anyone remember if you can buy Sangster's Blue Mountain Coffee Rum Cream at the airport? We know you can get the plain Sangster's rum cream at the airport but we "love" the special Blue Mountain Coffee Rum Cream. We want to bring back several bottles but don't want to put them all in our checked luggage. We have been to Jamaica many times but it has been a while and we can't remember if it's available.
    Just so there is no confusion we are not looking for blue mountain coffee liquer but specifically Sangster's Blue Mountain Coffee Rum Cream.
    Thank you in advance.

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    Yes, I purchased some on our trip last year. I am now down to rationing it and can't wait to return in February to purchase some more.

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    We just bought some this past Saturday.

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    Out of curiosity how much is the 750ml bottle of cream at the airport? I can get it on line here but it is about $29… By the way the website sells just about everything you may miss from Jamiaca. Sangster’s cream includes the original, Banana Rum, Coconut cream, Raisin cream, Lychee cream, you name it… Don’t know if I am allowed to promote it or not but just google it….

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    What website did you use? I couldn't find it anywhere! We are going back to CTI in May with one of the reasons being to bring back Rum Cream! Is that sad?

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    Default is the place that has a lot of the local stuff... Not trying to promote it I have no connection to it just passing on the info…

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    I didn't try the coffee rum cream, but I brought a bottle back!!! I haven't cracked it open yet... been dying to open it. I've looked around my local stores and have yet to find any rum cream. I have been looking for ting too.. I found some ginger beer at a store.. but no ting. I can't see myself paying $1.89 / 20 oz....

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    Thanks for the info! I'll have to check that out!

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