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    Default CD players at CSA

    Question for anyone whose been to CSA lately... I heard the rooms have IPOD/MP3 players now, is it possible to request for a CD player??

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    I'd like a CD player too but I don't think they supply them now.

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    Oh my. I suppose I will have to spring for a new iPod Touch. They are way cool, I have wanted one since my daughter got one last summer. Another item on the spring shopping list.

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    We are just back from CSS and had a Penthouse suite. We had the MP3 player in the bedroom and the CD player in the living room.

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    Did not see them at CSA last week- I would request in advance and if the answer is " no " bring your own.

    Or get an iPod

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    Does anyone even use CD players or buy CD's anymore!?!?! LOL j/k! iPods are just soo much easier.

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    I'm going to continue to provide this information as a Couples-service announcement relative to the in-room music players. About a year ago, the old CD/Radio/Alarm Clocks were replaced by iPod/Radio/Alarm Clocks in all rooms at Couples.

    These units are equipped with iPod compatible docking stations, which means that you can insert most Apple devices (except the Shuffle) directly into the docking station. You can also use a male-to-male cable compatible with the earphone jact of your device (available at BestBuy), and plug it into the AUX-INPUT jack on the back of the iPod/Radio/Alarm Clock appliance. That would be ANY portable music player, including your old faithful portable CD player. You WILL, however, have to pack batteries or your charger if your player is not iPod compatible.

    Happy music playing!

    "In an abundance of water, the fool is thirsty..." - Bob Marley - "Rat Race"

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    Go buy the ipod you will not regret it. Just think of all the packing space you will save.

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