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    Default Which room should we book at CSA?

    We are going to CSA in May. We want to be able to see the ocean from our room. I love the looks of the Atrium Suite but I don't believe anyof these rooms have an ocean view. I am torn between the Beachfront Verandah Suite or the Great House Jacuzzi Suite. If anyone has photos of either of these rooms looking at them from outside, please share them with me. It is so hard to choose without getting an idea of the view we will have from our verandah. If anyone has any opinions of these rooms please let me know. We want to book our trip in the next couple of days. According to the map, the Great House doesn't look as privae and cozy as the cottages. Thanks.

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    There are a couple Atrium rooms that have a view of the ocean, but you won't be guaranteed one of them. I would have to say the Beachfront Verandah Suite will be more romantic than the GHJS only because it is more bungalow like. If you ask for a third floor room on the BVS room it will be more private also.

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    I found some previous threads with views from each.

    Beachfront Verandah:

    Great House Jacuzzi:

    Hope that helps.

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    The view from your room will vary depending on the location and orientation of the building. Beachfront rooms are the only ones that can pretty much guarantee an ocean view. However that does not mean that other rooms will not have a great view. We have always, and will next summer, stayed in the Ocean View Verandah rooms and have always been on the first floor. We have had nice views out to the beach, though not completely unobstructed the view has always been very nice. From second and third floors it would be even better. True that most Atrium rooms will not have a great view of the ocean, but all rooms at CSA are beautiful and will have a nice view of either the ocean or the beautiful tropical grounds.

    My advice is to pick the room you can best afford and be confident that you will have a wonderful time at CSA. If money is not so much a concern, then by all means book one of the beach front rooms for the best ocean view, right on the beach. Either way you will love CSA.

    Have a great trip!

    Oh, by the way, I love the beach. Did I mention that?

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    We have stayed in the beachfront verandah suites on several occasions. For the money, you would be hard pressed to find a resort that puts you any closer to the beach. While all of the rooms are relatively close to the beach, if you want a view and proximity, go with the beachfront verandah suites.

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    Theres no bad rooms.....

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    Beachfront verandah!!!!!

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    Check out the Beach Front Suite. That is the exact room we asked for even tho originally I was expecting an Atrium. Awesome room! 2130

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    you have probably already booked ur stay, but we r headed to CSA for a second time in Feb. The first time we stayed on 2nd floor of Ocean Verandah and loved it. Had a great view, altho pix don't do it justice. Loved the fact that it was a few steps from hot tub and beach, and private. We didn't have people walking right by our front door all the time. Will try to attach pix. Have fun.

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    I have a link to some pictures in my signature. We stayed in a BFVS and loved it.

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    Default Bfvs

    Its our first time to CSA so my wife and I picked the BFVS to take in the entire beach scene. As Im sure we are going to become repeaters we can always check out the other rooms on other vacations.

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