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    Default Couples logo thermal cups

    As everyone knows, the Yeti and Yeti-like big cups are all the rage here in U.S. I would love to have one monogrammed with the Couples Logo. Do any of you know if these are available at the resort logo shop and if so how do they compare in terms of actually keeping your drink cold? While I love the water bottles they give us now, they just don't keep things very cold If they don't have such a thing at the logo shop yet, anyone got any other ideas???

    I love all things with that Couples Logo. It speaks to my heart. I have tried and tried to get two of the floats for our pool at home. I spoke with the manager to try and find out where to purchase them but its wholesale orders only....boooooo I would feel so close to my Jamaican home if I could have one of those floats in my own pool...anyway, I digress

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    I cant say whether this is a resort by resort thing- but I can say we've been to CSS and CSA- and they have had the thermal cups available at these 2 locations. mike

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    Katbyers -- There is a facebook page for CSS and one of the members sells insulated cups with the couples monograms, et al.

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