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    Default CN/CSA December 11-19

    My husband and I just returned from Couples Swept Away and Couples Negril. This was our third trip to Couples Swept Away and first to Couples Negril. The second we stepped foot on the property of Couples Swept Away it was like coming home. The employees are very welcoming and friendly. They are genuine and treat everyone with the respect that you would give to your family. The one employee that has and will always leave a lasting impression with me is Ultimate Chocolate! Ulti is such a wonderful man! My husband is a musician and loves to sing with Ulti! They have kept in contact over the years and we always look forward to the entertainment at the piano bar. I love Couples properties cause they are upscale without being stuffy. You know you are in Jamaica when you stay at a Couples property(unlike a larger company in Jamaica whose properties are decorated like European countries). If I wanted to feel like I was in Europe...I would go to Europe. Everyone is always talking about their "family" at Couples. I realize what people mean by this. We ran into three other couples that we met last year! It was amazing to me the number of people who have been to Couples 10 or more times! That really says a lot about a company to have that many repeat visitors. When we were at CSA a couple was celebrating their 500th night! Another couple had celebrated their 36th night at CSA this year! Now that is dedication!
    Due to our plans next year (baby) we have to put off returning to Couples until 2011. My husband works for a radio station and they have moved the week that he can take vacation. So, to all of our friends who go to Couples Swept Away the second week of December...give the third week of December a try! Only 713 days left!!! LOL!

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    So, what did you think of CN? You didn't give any compare and contrast info. Thanks for such a good review of CSA. We love it there.

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    My opinion only: My husband and I liked Couples Negril...just not as much as CSA. I loved the rooms! The decor was amazing and we really liked sitting on the balcony at night. I didn't like how small the property was. I really like how everything is spread out at CSA. The buildings were beautiful and the grounds were amazing...just too small. The one complaint I had about the resort was the food. I felt a lot of the food was fried. After four days my husband and I were not feeling well cause we ate so much fried, heavy food. I was happy to go to CSA so we could eat healthy. Overall, I really liked CN (and we would probably return) but CSA is definitely the best resort for us.

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