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    Default CSA - Greathouse Verandah Suite?

    Has anyone ever stayed in the Greathouse Verandah suite at CSA? We're looking at all of the rooms to stay in and this one seems nice, however there is only one picture online of it, so we can't really see what it is like. Does anyone have any pictures or have any thoughts on the room?

    Also how is the entertainment each night at the resort? We're going in August and have been to CTI when it was COR a couple of years ago and found the entertainment good each night mostly bands and were able to dance and have a good time.


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    These rooms are the same rooms as the Garden, Ocean,and Beachfront Verandah rooms. The only difference is location. I would recommend checking the online pics for those other room categories. They will be pretty much the same thing.

    We had friends stay there the last time we were there. They liked it. And I've heard others on the board who like them. The main difference is that they are more hotel-like as they have interior entrances in the Great House. The others have exterior entrances.

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