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    Default booking problems

    I know I waited until the last day... but I have tried to book 8 different times today online with the Love Away Plan. It says that there are address problems with my credit card. I tried a different card - same message. I am about to give up and am going to give up the great price, but this is very very frustrating. I have used both cards today at other places.... Has anyone else had these problems. I called the 800 number and they said I have to book online to get the Love Away perks... Argh...

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    I had the same problem last night trying to book online and again this morning. I just tried again and this time it worked so it looks like whatever problem they were having with the system has been fixed.

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    Default Booking problems 6/30 also!

    I was literally on the phone with Niki (awesome) all day yesterday trying to get my vacation booked. Finally, she manually input my credit card info behind the checkin desk (instead of online) and it worked. Apparently something with their online registration was keeping transactions from happening but you're right ... totally frustrating. I almost gave up too!

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    Online booking working as of this afternoon!! Just booked a week at CSA from Feb. 11-18/10. Now have to keep it a secret until Christmas, want to surprise hubby!!

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