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    Default How hooked are you..........

    I'm so hooked I named my dog after Jamaica.

    I rescued a puppy from a shelter and he has a blue eye and a brown eye, at times he looks normal and other times crazy. I wanted to name him something to do with his blue eye and was thinking of all different names for blue. Then I started thinking about what I see in my head when I think about blue...the ocean as you land in Mo Bay...hence his name Montego.

    So with having a puppy in the house I only say Montego about a hundered times a day. "Get down Montego", "NO Montego" "Good boy Montego".....yeah you can say they have me hooked.

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    how long before you call him "Mo" for short ?

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    When he's being good it's Montego. When he's bad it's just "TEGO".

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    We got 3 kittens from our vet neighbor for a wedding present and then honeymooned at CN. We had asked him if he knew of any to help cut down on the mouse population out here in the country. We named them on our honeymoon...two boys and a girl. They ended up with the names Marley, Montego and Jamaica! Marley is the bad boy and Jamaica is my little sweetheart. Montego is just a regular cat. We say all three of those words many times a day.
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    Our greyhound is named Rasta!! He's a festively colored brindle so it fits him well. We call him Rastamon several times a day!

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    Quote Originally Posted by steverandlinda View Post
    how long before you call him "Mo" for short ?

    Perhaps "Mon" might be just as appropriate as "Mo".
    Happy & Safe Travels!


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    I love it! Yep I'd say you got it bad!

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