Wow is one of the best ways I can describe our visit to CN. We had never been to Couples or any all inclusive for that matter, but had some friends who had to been to Couples who let us in on this little secret of how wonderful Couples was. We had such a wonderful time, whether it was sitting on the beach doing absolutely nothing, whether it was snorkeling, trying new watersports and getting free lessons, whether it was participating in planned activities like pool volleyball, beach volleyball, watching ice carvings, walking to craft markets, casino night, etc, everything was great.

We found the size at CN to be perfect. We loved how friendly everyone was from the staff to the guests. We loved being able to enjoy good food and not worry about what anything costs or if we like it, just give it a try, yeah mon!

After reading the message board for several months before going, my expectations were pretty high, and couples did nothing to disappoint and we were happy to put on our survey that things were better than expected.

With 2 young kids at home, we know we can't get to couples annually like we would like to, but know without a doubt that this place will be home to future vacations!