We just posted this on Trip Advisor and thought some of you on the message board would want to read as well...

We traveled to CTI from 12/17/09 to 12/26/09. This our second time to Jamaica, as we traveled to Couples Negril last November. We had a wonderful time, only wish the weather could have been better. We were most impressed with several things during our stay, most notably the staff. There were so many staff members who went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed or desired so that we really felt like we were on vacation! We were impressed to see the GM so often. Mr. Henry really runs a tight ship and took the time each day to check with us to see if we needed anything. There are a few staff members that really made our stay special and we need to mention, Byron, Delroy, Sharon, Kenisha, Terry, Ronnie, Matthew just to name a few. Thank you all so much for the wonderful attention to detail that is so hard to find in the states, we were most impressed!!!
The food at CTI is EXCEPTIONAL! We didn’t have one thing during our stay that we didn’t like! I was surprised at how much we loved the Veggie bar. The food was amazing especially the smoked marlin sandwich and the sweet potato chips with dips. I was wishing they were open late at night like the beach grill is! The beach was very private and beautiful! We were worried about the size of the beach at CTI prior to arriving since we stayed at CN before and nothing can compare to Negrils beaches. When we arrived we were pleased with its size, it never felt too crowded to us. It was always kept well manicured and with all the rain we had, the staff really had a lot of work to keep after what was being washed on shore! Job well done to them all! They have 2 pools which were beautiful, although we didn’t use them much as we prefer the beach. I will mention that the pool bar’s location doesn’t allow much sun after about 3:00pm each day, which is kind of disappointing when we did go to use them. Due to the weather we didn’t get to participate in many of the included water sports. We did get to go snorkeling twice, which was very beautiful and fun! The water sports staff was very friendly and helpful.
We did have a few suggestions and minor criticisms…
We were a little disappointed with our housekeeping staff. There were several days that she would forget to refill our in-room coffee and creamer. So we began instead to fill out the morning room service tags that are kept on your door handle for coffee. This worked well the first 2 days, and then our housekeeping staff forget to refill the papers more than once. After just letting it go for the first 2 days my husband decided to call down stairs and ask for some so we could enjoy our morning coffee on the balcony as we so much enjoyed! He was told that he could go downstairs and pick some up if he wanted room service in the morning….this kind of left a bad taste in our mouth. We are not ones to complain, but a simple “sir can I take your order and I will fill it out and make sure the kitchen has your request for tomorrow morning,” would have been a better response to me, especially since it was 12:00pm at night. (You have till 1am to have them hanging out on the door for the next morning). We didn’t realize that once again they were missing until midnight. I will also note, one of the days we did fill out a room service form for delivery between 7:00 am and 7:30 am and it never arrived. We waited till about 8:15 and decided to go downstairs and get our own coffee.
We also encountered some miscommunication with some of the staff which resulted in us missing the catamaran cruise the last night we could go. We went to water sports to sign up for the Cat cruise for Christmas day (it only runs certain days, Fridays being one of those days). They told us we had to sign up at Guest Services. We went to guest services to sign up and were told it would not be happening this particular Friday because it is Christmas, Saturday instead. We were leaving Saturday so this was not an option for us. We were a bit bummed because we didn’t have another opportunity since the weather had cancelled it earlier in the week. The next day, Christmas day, we were sitting on the beach and saw the Catamaran boat pull in….we asked a water sports staff member why the boat was here, he said that it was for the Cat Cruise. We were most upset by this. We had our hearts set on the Cat cruise for Christmas day and were told it was cancelled because of the holiday….Guest Services gave us wrong information and because of this the cruise was full and we were unable to go. This wouldn’t have been such a big deal to us but since the weather was nasty most of our time there, so many of the “included” excursions were cancelled and we had missed most of the opportunities for them. With that being said, we felt they should also add more activities for the days that it rains, we are not talking an afternoon shower here, we mean ALL day rain. So much of the resort is designed for outside activities so when you have 3.5 days of rain you quickly run out of things to do.
We had enjoyed two fabulous couples’ massages at the spa, which is gorgeous! We highly recommend getting one while you are visiting. A suggestion to CTI…the men’s/women’s bathrooms have beautiful hot tubs, steam showers and bathrooms. However, when you go in to take a steam shower or use the restrooms, there were always men and women in the hot tubs. This wouldn’t be such an issue, but it is exposed to everything else in the ladies room. It would be nice if during Spa Hours that it is kept ladies only in the restroom/hot tub area. I felt like I had to keep covered up the entire time I was using the facilities, which shouldn’t be. After hours, allow whomever they want into the hot tubs. The smoothie bar/fruit bar at the spa was superb! The work student (wish I could remember his name) that worked there the days we were there was wonderful and made us some delicious smoothies.
We visited the gift shops several times while there and were pleased with service especially at the one upstairs. They had a very nice selection and were most helpful!
Overall we had a wonderful time at CTI! We had never seen it before the renovations, so we have nothing to compare it to. We thought the resort itself was gorgeous! Once again, the staff is really what makes it! While were there we met so many wonderful people from all over the world! Get to know the staff and the other guest; it will make your trip so much more enjoyable! Thanks Couples for sending us home once again refreshed and relaxed, until next time!!!

Having been to CN and CTI now, our preference would be CTI. We loved many things about CTI, even found some things we like more than CN, but our hearts belong to CN. For those of you having difficulty choosing, I don't think you can go wrong with either! Happy travels!