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    Default First-Timers to Jamaica and CTI

    Thinking of experiencing CTI, we may need liquid courage first. Love to hear your first-time experience. Words of encouragement for wife..she is more hesitate than I, naturally .

    12/31/09 Come on everyone, give me some feedback pls. Even if it's not your first time you had to run across us virgins.
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    Alright, since no one has responded I'll be the first. Our first time was 3 years ago at CSS. We had talked (OK, I talked) about giving it a try as it was the first time we had visited a resport that offered A/N. I big help to trying is that it was A/N not C/O. The fact that everyone had to be naked meant that there wouldn't be a bunch of guys in thier suits who just wanted to look. I read some of the posts from this MB to show her it wasn't sexual and that I really just wanted to give it a shot. If either was uncomfortable after 10 minutes we would leave, no questions, no pressure. We decided to give it a go the first full day we were there, as suggested many times on this board.

    The morning came, we had breakfast, and got ready. Holding hands as we walked over to SSB. We got there, picked a palapa on the beach, and disrobed. It was a feeling I have never had before. I was naked, on a beach, in Jamaica, with my beautiful wife naked next to me. The sun hitting places that it had never been before, the ocean breeze coming in. It was perfect. We sat there in awe for a few minutes, impressed with ourselves that we actually did it, but still a little apprehensive. After a few more minutes, my wife decided to get up and get a drink at the bar (after telling me all morning that I would have to get all the drinks). We struck up a conversation with some naked guy, and realized, it really was just like sitting at a bar at home. We had great conversations all day and met wonderful people.

    The next morning, we didn't hold hands on the way to SSB, I was having a hard time keeping up with my wife, she runs fast.

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    Our first trip to the island was 11 years ago and it was actually fairly easy for us. We were a bit nervous on the way over, but when we got there, we chose to go to the social side of the island (the left side as you exit the boat) so that we could visit the bar and jump in the pool. In the pool we met a bunch of New Jersey firefighters and policemen who were vacationing together. They adopted us into their group right away, and it wasn't long before I forgot that everyone was naked.

    Thats the way it works on the island. In an odd way, being naked removes sexual tension. Instead of the wild party we were afraid we might find, we found some of the most genuine, friendly people we have ever met. Yes, people do look at each other, but they don't stare. Its usually just a glace of appreciation or to satisfy curiosity. After awhile, you stop noticing the nudity for the most part and just enjoy hanging out (no pun intended) with the incredibly friendly people.
    Thats why we keep going back.

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    We had our first AN experience at CTI last April. Like Sandan, we agreed that we'd give it half and hour, and if one of us didn't like it, we'd go back - no questions asked. In addition to the "hey we're getting naked around strangers" factor was that we were probably the youngest on the island (early 30s.) And several of the people WEREN'T strangers, all had done AN before, and all knew we were AN virgins.

    Taking the advice of many MBers, we decided to try it the first day. Our intention was to "go right" when we got off the boat. That end of the island is opposite the pool and swim-up bar, and is much more laid back. (At least that's what we were told beforehand, and found to be true while we were there.) Instead, we headed right to the left and plopped down poolside. We were initially paranoid that all our friends were staring at us - trying to gauge our reactions. Wrong! They left us alone to get comfortable at our own pace. After about half an hour, we found ourselves involved in conversations with people we DIDN'T know, and forgot all about being naked. And the rest is history...

    We ended up spending the entire week on the island. We had the best time with our friends and made tons of new ones. We even canceled our cat cruise reservation and change our massage reservations just to have more time out there. Even more, we had already booked CN for this April, and changed our reservation to CTI as soon as we got home JUST so we could go back to the island.

    We did check out CSS on our Trading Spaces Day. It was day three of our trip, I think, so we decided to try SSB. That was a different experience because we didn't know anyone there. But again, we found ourselves having the greatest time with all the strange naked people.

    There were two things that really surprised us about our experience. First, we love socializing with friends old and new, but didn't quite understand "naked socializing." We thought it would be weird. Not at all! It was truly one of the best times I have ever had with a bunch of friends. Secondly, you are much less self-conscious on the island. You truly get the vibe that no one cares what you look like - and they don't.

    You'll have a wonderful time no matter what beach you're on. I really hope you're able to try the AN side, and I REALLY suggest you try it the first day. Please come back and let us know how things worked out!

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    Thanks. Told my wife the same thing and she replied "I too would have to get the drinks.". Hope we get the same results as you .... thanks. Visiting late this month and can't wait.

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    KCandSTL...My wife had NO interest in trying the AN side and thought I was disgusting for wanting to do so.
    Long story short after a couple days on the resort she lost a bet and said she would try it. We also had an understanding that if she did not feel comfortable after a short time that we would leave.
    First we needed to get some of that liquid courage you mentioned for our first walk over (Rum punch worked well for her .And for me a dirty banana with a splash of Overproof Rum on top).....Okay so maybe we had to have more then one. Yep I was nervous too.
    OH...And also a few times reminding her that she did lose the bet. I have to say she was getting a little ticked at me.
    Anyways the first walk over was the hardest but everything that she had made up in her head about naked people quickly went away for the reason's some many others have mentioned on this board.
    And It just feels so GOOD!
    We spent the next three days there getting rid of our tan lines.
    My wife and I are now to the point that we don't even care if our room is ready when we get to the resort.She get's her cowboy hat,sunglasses We just head over to the nekid side.Strip down and relax.... This will be our seventh trip to Jamaica since our first AN experience
    Arriving CTI Jan.21-24 Then to CN 24-27th for our first trip there. Went to CSS/SSB last year and enjoyed it very much.

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    I forgot to mention that the next year we went back to SSB and had another fantastic time and met more great people. This past May we met up with 2 of the couples we met the year before and we all stayed at CTI. We LOVE the island now, there is just this feeling being out there that is hard to describe. We'll be going back this May with those 2 couples, and a few more that we met. We had never become friends with someone we have met on vacation before, and to be honest, never really cared to. Not that we aren't social or anything, but we're on vacation, to have time for the 2 of us. Now I think that it just enhances our stay. We talk when we want, spend time alone when we want, and when we feel like it, we cram 18 naked people into one of the hottubs next to the spa! Which as far as I know, is still the record. Feel free to try to break it, I double dog dare you.

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    Default Thanks for the encouragement!

    Thank you everyone for the encouraging words. My wife is looking at me like some freak but is open. She expresses this to our friends when we get together EXPECTING them to agree with her yet 99% provide the same words .... "Why not?". She just doesnt want to admit she DOES have some excitemnt about stepping "out of the box" of our everyday routine. Don't get me wrong, it just takes her knowing we are not perverts. She has always wanted to "do it" on the beach .... what's the diff, "I ask?". Two weeks from today ..... YAHOO. Nothing else, we will be in JAMIACA together. Please keep posting .... she is coming around that normal people to think like this.

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    Well, I don't know that I would call myself normal.

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    Our friends and family either think its great and would love to try it, or think we are so 'bold' for doing it. I think all would give it a shot under the right conditions for them. We are not perverts and we love A/N. My wife thought I was a freak for wanting to try it too, until she tried it, now we so look forward to our time on the island. May cannot come soon enough.

    Funny story, after our first time A/N at CSS we were at dinner and this woman kept looking at me from the table next to us. I thought it was a bit odd, but whatever. After a few minutes, her eyes lit up and she says 'I'm so sorry, I didn't recognize you with your clothes on!' lol We all got a laugh out of it.

    Another funny story, later that week, sitting at the swim up bar with our new naked friends, I decided to give my mom a call from my cell. I put her on speaker and said 'Hi mom, I'm naked in Jamaica with a bunch of strangers, say hi' to which my mom laughed, said hi and the entire naked crew yelled hi to my mom. She still thinks that was so great. Point is, I'm 36 now (was 33 at the time), I call my parents while on vacation (they watch our cats), and I love my wife. I'm normal (at least in my little world) and after trying it, I think A/N is the way to go. I go to Jamaica with 1 swimsuit, and usually, it never gets wet. Much less to pack!!

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    I am not too sure I would call you normal either.. Grin! You coming in Febuary or what??????

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    Trip is the end of January.

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    My wife and I had the wonderful pleasure of meeting Sandan at CSS in 2008 along with another couple Tomber. We enjoyed each others company so much we all met up in May 2009 at CTI. But this is about first timers so...After meeting Mr and Mrs Tomber, he was telling me this story and I find it very typical of first timers. Their first day on SSB he needed to go to the bathroom so he and the Mrs strolled from their place on the beach to the bathrooms which took them right by the pool. While Mr Tomber went on to the bathroom, the Mrs stood by the pool and was watching a group of people playing a game in the pool. The game reqiured a contestant to stand on the side of the pool with a pole that had a length of string on the end. With it you would try and lasso a bottle of rum in the pool. Sandan and my wife and I were part of that group. Several members had tried without success to lasso the rum. It became some one elses turn and everyone was shouting "Whos next?" We looked up and here stood the Mrs with nothing but a smile and a big brimmed hat on. So she was handed the pole. It was about that time that Mr Tomber walked out of the bathroom and there was his wife standing naked by the pool in front of a cheering group of people with a pole in her hand. His first thought was "What the hey" but once he saw what was happening his next thought was "O well...I guess everything is going to be all right". From that moment on they have enjoyed the AN experience and we have enjoyed them as good friends. So much so that the 3 couples are going to CTI in May. This will be our 3rd Couples trip together.

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    Not going to be able to make it this year (AGAIN). I have been given a special assignment at work and it doesn't get completed until Mid March. No Vacations until after March. Like the saying goes, sucks to be me. Get everyone skiing on the 17th.

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    Great story. she is still waffling. Understand she is a great gal from the midwest. Hope "she" wants to try but if not, I will still be there with her which is the most important. Just hope she doesn't "what if". I guess the good thing would mean we would schedule another trip....

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    Default Great news.

    She says she will try it out the first day ... she has read some of your post and realizes that maybe, just maybe this will be fun and EXCITING to step out of the midwest logic.

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    Hey Mrs KCandSTL....You won't be in the midwest. You will be in Jamaica!!!! Try it you'll like it. Only drawback is from that day on, you will not like bathing suits anymore. As has been said many times on this message board...go the first day. Give it an hour. If you don't like it, the boat will take you back to the main beach. If you do like it then CTI will become your second home.

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    Default Checking the Board Daily now .... 4 Days to go!

    After the nerves die down I hope she likes. Lots of encouragement from everyone. Guess I will find out in 4 Freaking Days! Did I say that already.

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    4 DAYS!!!!! I'm jealous...

    Keep us posted as to your experience. Inquiring minds want to know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KCandSTL View Post
    After the nerves die down I hope she likes. Lots of encouragement from everyone. Guess I will find out in 4 Freaking Days! Did I say that already.
    We arrive on the 21st hey one life one chance go for it
    Dougie and Val

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    Default 2 Freaking Days!!!

    I will keep everyone posted as to our experience. It's still a go at this point. keep your fingers crossed. Can someone elaborate on "Trading Places Day"? The post for packing list was great.

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    Default We are back and I posted new threa.

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