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    Default Staying at CN - can we go look at CSS?

    Can we eat at their restaurants?

    Not that its a big deal, but we hope to head over to 7 mile beach just to look. Just wondering if Couples is a "stay and play"?


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    Can we eat at their restaurants?

    Not that its a big deal, but we hope to head over to 7 mile beach just to look. Just wondering if Couples is a "stay and play"?

    CSS is in Ocho Rios, but if you sign up for Romance Rewards before your trip, you can visit CSA using Trading Places. I believe the shuttle brings you over at 10:00am and returns at 4:00pm.
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    I think you mean CSA, not CSS. CSS is one of the Ocho Rios properties, while CSA is in Negril.

    As far as seeing Seven Mile Beach goes, if you're staying at CN, you're already on Seven Mile Beach. Seven Mile Beach is comprised of Long Bay, which is approximately five miles in length, and Bloody Bay, which is approximately two miles in length. CN is located on Bloody Bay and shares the bay with three other resorts; CSA is located on Long Bay and shares the bay with numerous other resorts, bars, and restaurants.

    If you are a Romance Rewards member, you can sign up for Trading Places program.

    From the FAQs:

    Can I visit other Couples Resorts? (Trading Places program)

    Romance Rewards members will now be offered the privilege of complimentary day passes to a nearby Couples Resort. We're calling the program "Trading Places".

    In Negril, Trading Places is available between Couples SweptAway and Couples Negril.

    In Ocho Rios, Trading Places is extended between Couples Sans Souci and the NEW Couples Tower Isle.

    Here are the rules and conditions for the new Romance Rewards Trading Places:

    1. Trading Places is restricted to Romance Rewards members only. Since it may take several days for new Romance Rewards member account to be activated, only Romance Rewards members who have an active account upon arrival at your resort are eligible.

    2. Trading Places is limited to a maximum of 10 couples per day on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays only.

    3. Romance Rewards members must sign up for Trading Places with Guest Relations 24 hours in advance. The sign up is only available while you are on property. Romance Rewards members may only sign up for Trading Places once per stay.

    4. Complimentary transfers from your resort to the nearby resort will depart at 9:45 am and will depart from the nearby resort back to your resort at 4:00 pm.

    5. Should you decide to leave the nearby resort prior to 4:00 pm, transfer costs will be at your expense. If you miss the 4:00 pm transfer, the nearby resort reserves the right to charge the current day pass rate.

    6. Activities at the nearby resort which require reservations such as excursions and scuba are not part of the day pass privilege. Spa facilities may be utilized subject to availability; however no coupons or credits from your resort may be used at the nearby resort.
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    If you are a Romance Rewards member you can visit Couples Swept Away in Negril using the Trading Places program.(CSS is in Ocho Rios so you can only visit from CTI). The visits are on Monday, Wednesday or Friday and are only for the hours between 10:00 and 4:00 pm so you can eat a late breakfast and lunch at the restaurants but not dinner in the evenings. For more information go to the Romance Rewards section on the left side of the page.

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    Couples now offers trading places which allows you to viist for 10 am to 4 PM between the Ocho Rios resorts and between the Negril resorts only.
    So the answer to your question is no you cannot go from CN to CSS unless you want to pay for a day pass and provide your own transportation

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    We're assuming you mean CSA since CSS is in Ocho Rios. With the "Trading Places" pass you can go to the other Couples Resort on the same side of the island as the one you're staying at for a day and enjoy all the things included with that resort. You will not be able to do any of the excursions included with that property or stay for dinner as the normal return time to CN would be around 4 PM. Couples does not do the "stay one - play all" program like other resorts...but then your resort isn't invaded by "outsiders" either.

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    CSS is in Ocho Rios, the other side of the island. It is CSA that is on Long Bay, part of 7 mile beach. CN is on Bloody Bay, which is also part of 7 Mile. If you are a member of Romance Rewards you can sign up for "trading places" and spend the day at CSA.

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    I'm assuming you mean CSA (Swept Away) and not CSS (San Souci). CSS is on the other side of the island. CSA is just down the road about 10 minutes away.

    If you sign up for a Romance Rewards account, you can do a "Trading Places" day and spend a day at CSA.

    Couples is not a 'stay and play', in that you can't go over any day or any time you want. You are allowed to go one time from 10am - 4pm on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday and you must have signed up for a Romance Rewards account.
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    I think you mean CSA, and yes you can go over for the day.

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    I assume you mean CSA (Couples Swept Away) there in Negril as opposed to CSS (Couples Sans Souci) which is way over in Ocho Rio. If so, check out the FAQ regarding either a day pass that you can pay for or the "Trading Places" program if you are a Romance Rewards member. Under Romance Rewards I believe you can use Trading Places even if this is your first visit to Couples as long as you sign up for Romance rewards before your trip

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    Yes, I meant Couples Swept Away . . darn fingers got away from me again.

    Thanks for all the answers!

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    CTI can visit CSS and vice versa

    CN can visit CSA and vice versa.

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