My husband and I just returned from our third trip to CSA (fourth to Couples). We had a great time - thoroughly relaxed and enjoyed our time together.

That being said - I will say that while during our previous 2 trips to CSA the service/food were pretty impeccable (and the reason we have returned there rather than another resort we'd gone to the first time we visited Jamaica) - this time it was not always so. Not to say our experience was bad - but if this had been our first trip to CSA we would not have been wowed as in the past. There were sometimes corners cut and/or things overlooked, and the food quality and/or service on a number of occasions was less than optimal (one lunch at Patios the food was really poor quality and prep. time seriously too long). This time our welcome and goodbye were not as personalized and enthusiastic as in the past and we didn't have that instant genuine and sincere 'welcome home' experience we've had before(again not bad - just not as we'd experience in the past)

I post this note to Randymon - as Couples is near and dear to our hearts and we don't want any degradation of service/quality on the resort to potentially negatively impact business and ongoing viability of the resort - as we want CSA to be there to 'come home' to for a long time to come. I spoke to one couple who was there for the first time who will not return as their expectations based on reputation had been higher (in particular they were disappointed in the food).

I understand that the current economic conditions have resulted in a need to reduce costs and staffing levels but I really hope that CSA will find a way to ensure going forward their commitment impeccable service and quality.

A particular thank you and shout out for their great service and attitude to Romaine, Develin, Kenesha, Cardo, Rachelle, Tachelle, Patron, May, Duane Johnson, Stacey.