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    Is the room service at CSA 24hrs? Is there a good selection of food to choose from or is it mainly just snacks? Thank you!

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    You can have a continental breakfast delivered to your room at CSA by filling our a request and placing it around your door knob before you turn in for the night. That is the extent of room service offered at CSA. The only Couples resort offering all-day room service is CSS, and it is available from 6 am to 11 pm.
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    Thank you Pamela, that is very helpful!!

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    CSA offers room service for breakfast only and it is not a hot breakfast. It is continental breakfast plus bagals and lox
    If you want all day room service the place you should consider is CSS which has room service until 11 PM
    It has the same breakfast as the other resorts plus until 11 PM they have a menu with a lot of fine selections

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