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    Default Randymon - How to get romance rewards applied to stay?

    We stayed at CSA 27 Nov - 4 Dec. When we checked in we showed our Romance Rewards card, received our gifts and off we went. We've just booked CSS for 29 Jan and checked our romance rewards balance and we haven't yet been credited for our stay. Wondering how this is done and if it will be done before we go on the next trip? We sent an e-mail to the romance rewards department but have heard nothing back yet. Thanks!

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    Be takes a while for the credit to show up on the web site.
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    My Aug stay this year didn't get credited either, sent an Email and they took care of it. Can't remember how long it took them to reply, but if you just sent the Email in the last week, give them a little time (its the holidays) I'm sure they'll get back to you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wally View Post
    Be takes a while for the credit to show up on the web site.
    ....Mine's still not there from Thanksgiving wweek

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    Quote Originally Posted by acranger View Post
    ....Mine's still not there from Thanksgiving wweek
    I had to send several emails to get mine credited for the same time period. Seandymon just posted a note that he is going to be in charge of Romance rewards, and that the issues that had been experienced previously would be addressed. If you go into romance rewards on the left there is a contact us and you can send a note about it to make sure it gets credited.

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    Great to see Seandymon is going to take charge of Romance rewards. We also stayed over Thanksgiving holidays and sent a follow-up note after a month, but never hear anything, nor has the posting been made. A little earlier this morning, sent another follow-up -- before seeing this post. Thanks for the heads-up.

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