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    I'm visiting Couples Sans Souci in a few weeks, and am wondering if I will be able to download books onto my Kindle while I'm there.

    Anyone had any experience with this?


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    San souci does have a game room with several computers, so you should be able to download more books if you need to, but I'd recommend doing it in advance, since your time in paradise is limited and you probably don't want to waste it sitting in front of a computer! Also, just to be safe, any passwords you type on those computers should be considered compromised and should be changed as soon as possible when you get back to your own computer. There are password collecting programs that could be installed on any public computer which could send anything you type to a hacker.

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    It's been hit or miss. Sometimes I've been able to, and other times I can't get a connection. Play it safe and download enough books while still at home.
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