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    Default CSA room question

    My wife and I are looking into going to Swept Away in August. We were looking at the different room categories and I have an odd question...some of the rooms on the Panoramic map don't seem to have televisions. I know that it's not the most important thing, but do all of the rooms in all of the categories have them? Also, what is everyone's opinion on the best category of room to look into booking? It seems like each one has its own charm, so to speak.

    Looking forward to any responses!


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    Only the rooms with Verandah in the name have TVs. They have mini-bars too.

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    Anything that doesn't have Verandah in the name will not have a TV.

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    You are correct; some do not have TVs. The Garden Suites, Atriums, and Beachfront Suites don't have them. All rooms with "Verandah" in the name have them. These are the rooms on the newer side of the resort.

    As for best - totally depends on what you want out of a room. A TV doesn't matter to me and my husband, but a minibar does, so we wouldn't book an Atrium or Garden Suite due to the minibar situation, unless that were the only way to get to CSA. On the other hand, I've heard the Atriums are the lovliest rooms in terms of design and ambiance. Were they to ever get minibars, I'd book one in a minute. We generally book a garden or ocean view verandah due to the desire for the minibar. Next year we're springing for a beachfront suite as it's been my dream for years and we are celebrating a special occassion.

    Really all depends on what YOU are looking for in a room. Certain amenities? Certain feel or look? Both? Location?

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    First of all, congrats on choosing CSA - If you're looking for a room with a TV, then choose any of the rooms with the word Verandah in them. These are all on the "new" side of the resort, and all have TVs and MiniBars. The Beachfront Suites have MiniBars but not TVs and the Garden Suites and Atrium Suites have no MiniBar and no TV.

    If you need a "sports TV fix," there is a large screen TV across the street in the Sports Annex that is tuned to ESPN or some such.

    We have stayed in both the TV and "non-TV" rooms, and like them both - FYI, all rooms have a radio, and I believe also now have IPod docking stations as well. When staying in a room without TV, we always bring DVDs and play them on our computer.

    We have stayed in all rooms but the Garden Suite and the Atrium (we're booked into the Atrium next trip). We have loved them all, but for pure value would probably go with the Garden Verandah Suite, as we do enjoy TV (Jamaican TV is fun to watch), and most of the GVS rooms have a partial ocean view. Some people will note some road noise in the GVS rooms as well as the Garden Suites. I believe the Garden Suites are closer to the road than the GVS rooms that we're familiar with - we never were bothered by road noise in any of the GVS rooms we've stayed in -

    For pure decadence, I'd definitely go with the Beachfront Suite. No TV, but the rooms are really fabulous - the first floor rooms have a large bedroom and I believe most of them have a large shower (no bathtub) plus minibar. The second floor rooms have a beautiful vaulted ceiling with ceiling fan which is fabulous! FYI, though, you should know that on the 2nd floor the bathroom wall does not extend to the ceiling and the bathroom door has slats - there's still plenty of privacy, though, as you can't see through the slats and the wall is at least 8 or 9 feet tall. With either the 1st or 2nd floor room there's nothing like (literally) rolling out of bed onto the beach!!

    We're not so excited about the Atrium - the location of some of the Atrium rooms seems to not allow for a lot of circulation of air - they're deeper into the center of the resort and are more "gardeny" in feel - we've walked by them, and there really isn't much of a breeze going on (although there is AC in the room) - we'll find out next trip.

    In short, as most people will note, if you're prepared to NOT have marble and glitz, and are looking for a laid back "Jamaican Zen" feel, you cannot go wrong with any room category at CSA!! Have a great time!!!

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    Rooms in the original section do not have televisions. Those are garden suites, Atrium suites and beachfront suites. All rooms in the new section have televisions. Any room with verandah in it or Great house have the Televisions in them
    IMHO choose a verandah suite (Garden Verandah, Ocean Verandah or Beachfront Verandah) While the Great house suites are very nice they are not tropical enough for us and are very hotel like.

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    If you look at the accommodations page for CSA, it will detail what each room does/doesn't have.

    A quick tip is this though: if the room doesn't have the word "Verandah" in it, it does NOT have a tv. We specifically book the rooms without the TV in them, since we don't want one. If you want/need a TV, make sure that you book a verandah room.

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    Atriums and garden suites do not have TVs or mini bars.

    We love the Atriums.
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    Garden Verandah Suite, we just loved it. It has a TV and a mini bar in the room. The Verandah is very large and we could see the ocean from our suite (3102) which was the bottom floor. Also you are in the middle of the resort....... The attached photo is the view from our room and the verandah.
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    The Garden Suite, Atrium Suites and Beachfront suites do not have TVS. These are my favorite room cats.

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    Welcome back Rrrrrrrr! Razzl

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    Thanks for all of the responses!

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    I like the look of the Atrium suites, but with no fridge, a question comes to mind. Is there a place to get ice? bottled water? soda? late in the evening?


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    @tjsgirl - They fill a thermos with ice and water during morning housekeeping and evening turndown. The bars are open all night if you want soda or other beverages. Trust me... you'll never want for refreshments.

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    I was told by Yveonne at Customer service number 1 800 couples just yesterday that the older section had mini bars -- BUT NOT TV's... why would she tell me that?

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