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    I've been to COR once, three years ago and can't wait to get back! This September is our 10th anniversary and my wife and I want to get back to Jamaica. We know COR is GREAT, but wonder if we should try another Couples Resort. Does anyone have any thoughts on which resort is better than the other, even though I know I wouldn't disappointed in any!

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    Since you've been to the Ocho Rios side, you could try a Couples on the Negril side. Swept Away is fantastic, and different than COR (CTI) so you'd still get the great Couples service standards, but get to try something different as far as locale and beach.

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    Go back to COR/CTI. Don't you want to see the 30 million dollar renovation? We've been to three of the four and CTI is still our favorite.

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    If you saw COR you may want to check out the New COR, (CTI). It is now very nice and updated.

    To help you more, please post what you like to do at COR?
    Irie Mon

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    This question gets asked over and over and usually it's the loudest loyalist that sways you.

    My suggestion is to look at as many pictures and reviews as you can find and let your own heart make your decision. The features of one resort may speak to one couple different than to you.

    Each resort is constructed differently and each has it's own unique atmosphere. You can't compare one to the other.

    Which one is the best? The one YOU select.

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    Being a CTI loyalist, I would go back to CTI. That being said, IF I had to go somewhere else, it would be CN. Just my opinion

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    It's what I always say....

    Listen to which one is calling you. You'll see a picture, hear story...something will come along and grab you then you'll know where to go.

    So many years ago...I saw a picture of the Atrium rooms at CSA and knew nothing of JA or Couples and instantly I was hooked.

    I didn't pick CSA it picked me.

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