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    I have long black curly hair...salt water turns my curls into dread locks very quickly......should I bring my shampoo and conditioner or use the room shampoo and conditioner. I usually tie it in a pony tail.....but talk about rat tails. I am packing and agonizing. It is easier not to pack clothes than deal with hait. (smile) How good is the couples shampoo and conditioner?

    Yup...I am a newbee.

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    I'm sure the answers will vary as to how good it is, but for me, I can't use it. It's, from what I recall, a shampoo/conditioner combo. I need them separate. A combo usually doesn't condition enough for my hair. So if you really need a conditioner, then I wouldn't recommend it.

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    I would bring your own. I brought way more conditioner than I would normally use and detangler helped after I got out of the ocean. One of the best products I've found to get out knots is SLIP Detangler. If you've never tried it, you should try their Curl Keeper too.

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    I to have very long wavy hair it its also blonde!! The saltwater dried it out. Shampoo although very good did not do the trick. I had conditioner with me that helped. I would say pack conditioner leave shampoo at home.. Ladies at the CSS spa were very good to me a deep conditioned my hair while I was there. Have fun wish we were going with you. CSA Nov, 2010 here we come

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    Bring your own conditioner, they do not provide conditioner, just a "conditioning" shampoo. It does not do the trick. So use their shampoo, but bring your own conditioner.

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    Bring your own. I really don't like the shampoo and it is a shampoo/conditioner mix so it really isn't that great.
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    Honestly, no, it's probably not good enough. First, they only have a "conditioning shampoo," not a separate shampoo and conditioner. Second, the ocean water can be pretty hard on your hair and make it stiff and frizzy. I'd bring my own conditioner (and do).

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    Definitely bring your own. I would make room for the styling goops as well. I just started using the John Freida Weatherproofer and I would bet it would work great on your hair.

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    Pack your own. Not only do they not provide conditioner at all, but the "conditioning shampoo" didn't do a very good job of getting the salt water out of my hair.

    Have a great time!

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    We always splurge for our trips and buy expensive designer shampoo and conditioner. You can get those plastic tube squeezable bottles, they are very light and pack easy in your checked bag. Put them in a ziploc bag in case some accidentally oozes out during transit. It's usually the perfect amount for the trip as the squeezable bottles only hold a few ounces.

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    Bring your own for sure or haystack head is gonna happen!!!! Especially bring a leave in conditioner the humidity is a killer in Jamaica!
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    I would also recommend a 'sunscreen' for your hair. I use Joico k-pak Sun Therapy. Just spray it in before you head out and it protects your hair from the water and the sun. It is great, my hair is always soft after a day in the sun & ocean. I get it from my salon but noticed that the salon inside WalMart had a sign out front for it.

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