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Thread: July 2010

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    We have been checking into the situation and haven't seen anything yet but Kingston is about 120 miles from Montego Bay and about 3.5 to 4 hours drive time.

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    The violence is isolated to a particular ghetto area of Kingston. We will be fine going from Mobay to Negril.

    Remember Jamaica's main income generation comes from tourism. There is no way the government will allow anything to happen to us for fear of everyone canceling their vacations.

    Worse case scenario we end up with an armed escort on the bus

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    I believe we won't have any issues with the situation going on in Kingston. I have a friend who has family in Kingston and she said they told here they don't even see any of the violence going on..... It is isolated to just one small part of the town. I believe basically a neighborhood.

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    Hi Cands we drove through your town on Saturday, we were out enjoying a nice ride on the motorcycle and we are now down to 40 days!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Chris&Denny - I should have given you our address! You could've stopped by and helped us finish planting flowers! Just kidding!!! You could've stopped by for a visit. We are at 41 days!!!!! Get CN ready for us we'll be right behind you.

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    Default 4 weeks and counting down!!!

    My wife Suzanne and I will celebrating our 15th anniversary from June 29 to July 6. We are first timers to Jamiaca. We are looking forward to good times that we will have without the kids, the jobs, and all other headaches. Paradise here we come.


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    Default Dates of travel July 3rd to July 9th!

    My boyfriend and I will be at CN July 3rd to July 9th. My name is Jackie and his is Tim. See you there!

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    After reading all these post I am more excited than ever! 31 Days until July 3rd!

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    Cindy & Shaun We would be more than willing to help but you need to help out with the mulch and our garden first but we are looking forward to having drinks with you
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    One month from today we finally get to go home again. We have been looking at pictures from last year and really getting excited. Looking forward to seeing old friends again and meeting new ones.

    Soon Come!

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    One month to CN. Hangin' in there, can hardly wait. July 11 to 14.


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    39 Days

    But who's couting???

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    Chris&Denny - I have a great idea. Let's just skip all that work stuff (it's overrated) and just have the drinks!! Been looking at last years pics and can't wait! Only 31 days!!!!

    Don and Jeannie - we have a picture for you from the repeaters dinner last year that the resort photographer took. I'm gonna make a copy for you. Hopefully I don't forget it!!

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    Cindy and Shaun Sounds like a great idea, we continue to see pics from our previous trips on digital picture frame, it is nice to sit and daydream.

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    Default Renewing our Vows....Married at CN July 16, 2005

    We're going to be there July 15-20. Five year anniversary trip, renewing our vows. First time back since we got married there in '05. We can't wait!!!

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    Well congrats lvcooper we are glad you can make it back "home" for your five yr anniversary!!! We are down to 24 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    "Are we there yet?!"

    12 more days and they CANNOT tick by any slower!!!!!!

    These last few weeks have been SO incredibly stressful and crazy at work. I feel like I'm juuuuuuuuuuust about to keel over. I just keep thinking about our trip to help me get through it!

    June 29th - almost here!
    Bonnie and Josh
    CN - June, 2010
    (first timers!)

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    Just decided we needed Negril! Only 17 days on this countdown! 3rd to 10th, and there for my 42nd b-day!

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    We ate dinner at a local Jamaican restaurant tonight. Jerk Chicken, Red Stripe and great music like we need help to get into the mood. These next three weeks will drag but but the destination is worth the wait. To all the middle of July Couples... soon come.

    Cands, we got a picture of you two departing last year, I'll get a copy to bring as well.

    Don and Jeanie

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    Yup, 3 weeks to go. See ya'll there!


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    We are down to 22 days!!! I'm getting excited!!! I bet all of you are, too.........

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    Oh YES, we are very excited!!!! Down to 16 days for us now..... You know... not that I am counting or anything... LOL

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    9 more days for us! July 3rd thru 10th!

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    12 days and counting!!!!!!!!!! i hope there is a picture of us this time. we land at 10:26am 7/9/10.
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