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Thread: July 2010

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    Default July 2010

    We will be making our 3rd trip in July 2010 who else is will be going the middle of July?

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    we will be going June 28th- July 3rd celebrating our 33rd anniversary on July 1st. First time to Couple Negril 2nd time to Jamaica. Can't wait to get there and get out of this snow we had over Christmas. Any body else be there around that time?

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    We'll be there the 10th to the 15th, then to CSS til the 22nd. First time to CN, 2nd to CSS. Just 6 months, 15 days . . .

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    We will be going the 10th through the 17th our 3rd trip CN

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    Default Couples Negril

    July 8-15. First Timer's. Cant Wait.


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    we will be at CN july 9th thru 17th. this will be our 6th trip to CN.

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    Well we will have to say Hi to our fellow July visitors. Notherz welcome to CN you will be amazed by the resort. So Cathynky and Notherz we will be happy to buy you guys a drink.
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    Default July 2010

    We will be there starting July 14-23rd. We will be on our honeymoon and would like to meet new people. This will be our first trip to Jamaica. We are from Portland, Oregon and are in our mid 40s.

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    Well congratulations, we enjoyed our honeymoon at CN a mere 2 years ago. We will be there the 9th through the 16th. We are also in our mid 40's.

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    We will be at CN July 17-24. Celebrating my 30th birthday! Can't wait. We went to CTI (well CoR at the time) for our honeymoon 4 years ago and I have been dying to go back ever since.

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    Default July

    We'll be celebrating our honeymoon at CN this July
    It's not finalized yet, but planning on being there from the 20-27th

    Can't Wait!

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    Hi everyone! We just booked our 4th trip to CN - July 11-18! Can't wait to meet you there!!

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    We will be there the 3rd through the 10th. It will be our 2nd trip to couples and we can't wait.

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    There are six of us coming July 2nd to 10th; our second trip to CN. Cannot wait - we have had enough of the cold and snow. We are all 50-55 y/o and can still hang

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    Will be there July 11th to the 22nd, second trip to CN, we were there this past February.

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    Doing the double digit dance.


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    Joining you in the Double Digit Dance. Coming home for the third time July 9 - 16.

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    We will be at CN July 2-9th. This is our 6th trip!! Can you tell we love it? Look forward to seeing you all there.
    Mariann and Jimmy from Huntsville, Al.

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    Hey Suzann - You guys sound like us. We had four other couples with us last year and we had a blast. This year we are alone and will be at CN same time as you. See you there! Where in PA is Wallingford? We live in Alabama now but I was born near Pittsburgh. Mariann

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    today is 99 days to go. We will be first timers from 14 to 19 July. Can't wait!!!!


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    Double digits for us, too!!! We'll be going to CN July 11-18 for our 4th trip! Can't wait!!!

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    We are down to 93 days!!!!!!!!!! Hi Cands we work a little over 30 miles from where you guys live.

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    We are ra[idly approaching our double digit dance. Coming home July 18-25.

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    Chris&Denny - where do you work? It's a small world isn't it! We might know each other and not even realize it! LOL!! My husband works in Rockford and I am a teacher here in Forreston. Where do you live?


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    Chris&Denny - sorry - just looked and I see you're from Clinton. We've been there MANY times!!!

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